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  1. Many people already live in the “fantasy world”, or rather in games. They can do anything there. They can do anything there. What's not a fantasy world? Not a small part even exchanges real goods for virtual ones.�

    Therefore, I think that if many people had the opportunity to plunge into “their” world and leave it, then many would decide to do it.

  2. Nope. Most of my fantasy worlds are set in a dark fantasy setting, with hopelessness and a choice between two evils.And it's fun to fantasize and watch,if I participated there directly, without the ability to change and use the power of my imagination already there, everything would be bad).And if I could,then it would be boring to solve my problems by means of thought. It's better like this.

  3. Only if the world of my fantasies later became a real real world, which I could control, and in which everything would be as I want, while taking into account all the absurdity of my desires, and for the real world – all their impossibility. I wanted to think-the idea materialized. I didn't like how it materialized – I canceled it and created it again, and this can be done infinitely many times and only for me. Well, what about it? My world, you can roll out your lip and do not stop wishing.
    Setting aside all reality and the incomprehensibility of ideals, the world of my fantasies is truly an ideal world for me personally.

  4. Sometimes I think about it. I become a kind of hero of Dostoevsky's white nights. In our dreams, we have everything: love, family, career, success, money. And in real life, you're just nobody. But I understand that this is wrong, that you need to live in the real world, so I always try to push these thoughts away from me.

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