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  1. There is a great temptation to correct some stupid moment in life, or vice versa, to commit stupidity, so that being does not seem boring. But how many books/movies have we read/watched and know how the smallest detail can turn your life around. Yes, something in life can be embarrassing, bitter, painful. But look at it this way: it was these little things that got us to where we are now. Our mistakes and mistakes gave us invaluable experience, wisdom, and toughened us up. How could that be a bad thing?

  2. Of course) After all, everyone in life will have at least one situation where, for some reason or circumstance, they made the wrong choice and would like to correct it…

  3. Absolutely not. There's a “butterfly effect” to it first. And if I make a different choice, I may not end up with a broken knee and shoulder, but with much more serious problems.

    Secondly. If we are talking about returning to the state on the principle of computer save-load, when you know the consequences of an incorrect decision. I don't even do that in games.

    Otherwise, instead of a process, you end up in an eternal recursion of choosing the optimal solution. And even if you choose the right one, you're looking for the best one.

    How not only to kill the dragon, save the princess, take the reward, but also to steal more treasures from the cave yourself.

  4. Never regret anything afterward,
    If what happened cannot be changed, ” wrote Andrey Dementyev.
    Why regret anything at all when you are young and have the strength to move forward?

  5. I want to, of course, but I wouldn't. It's been excruciatingly embarrassing for several years, but as we've already said, it was these mistakes that got us to where we are now. No, I'd probably change it a little. something that doesn't have to be fateful, but can change one particular day. don't know. difficult question.

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