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  1. No, his fate is pathetic. I do believe that Milligan is innocent, and I believe in the existence of multiple personalities. For many years, he was sent to the courts and psychiatric hospitals, subjected to harassment and insults.

  2. I think that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to answer this question unequivocally, since in the life of Billy Milligan there were both useful feelings in the modern world and sharply negative ones, which not many people would dare to experience in return for some of the necessary emotions of Billy Milligan's characters. For example, I would like to become Wall Milligan at the right moment, who easily found the right path, or become Jason, who was able to relieve unnecessary tension, because often many of us have situations when it would be worth relaxing, getting rid of negative emotions through shouting and not quite adequate behavior, but because of the opinion of others we can not do this. Each of us has such personalities that are not sufficiently developed: someone, for example, does not know how to be kind, someone is not able, on the contrary, to be evil. All these traits depend only on the specific person who lacks them, so anyone has an idea of their “ideal” combination of personalities. But do not forget about the troubles caused by these personalities on the main person.

    I don't think that everyone easily accepted the hardships of Billy Milligan's life, such as rapes, frequent stays in isolation, and police detentions. Therefore, it is reasonable to compare the degree of desired personalities and the possible consequences caused by this desire.

  3. There is no such thing as a split personality. This is actually a brilliant way to avoid punishment for crimes committed, but alas, it has little in common with reality.

  4. Let's just take off our rose-colored glasses and ask ourselves what documentary evidence suggests that Milligan had these very multiple personalities? Two books by Keyes? So-so source, to be honest. And what else? And nothing else!

    There are no clear video recordings, no scientific documents, records from court sessions, or even just eyewitness accounts. In other words, no one except the writer Keyes somehow bothered to document a PHENOMENAL CASE in psychology. It's funny, isn't it?

    Billy was probably just a brilliant actor, and he invented all these personalities for the sole purpose of avoiding punishment for the crimes he committed. Yes, he was probably mentally ill, had a number of abnormalities, which, together with a great acting talent, gave birth to this popular myth of late.

  5. Billy's life is a quiet horror. I understand his desire to end his life at a time when he felt like himself, and not “sleeping”. Giving your life to individuals who may be superior to you in certain skills is not a good fate. If Billy himself, so to speak, the original model, could manage the “personalities” inside, then, of course, this would be a plus, but in intensive care, he was not aware of the “others” in himself. In our imagination, in our heads, perhaps, such a thought is played: “It would be cool if all the bad things passed by me.” Billy passed all the bad things by. And the little girl standing in the corner took the brunt of the punishment at home and at school. And Arthur and Rhage were taking the brunt of their adult lives. But Billy hadn't realized his first sunset, and his first kiss. After all, Adalana did not just want love and affection! And it wasn't just the rapes that brought the Billy Milligan phenomenon to light! Billy's life, for me personally , is a freak of nature, although she protected him as best she could, by replacing more adapted “personalities”, weak-willed and” zatyukannym ” stepfather Billy.

  6. I think it is very difficult, but it is certainly possible, with due diligence, to create trusting, strong and harmonious relationships between individuals within your consciousness. They have no need to fight, they are a family who, by the sparkling humor of mother nature, have been locked in one body, and each has to answer for each other's actions.
    If I were trapped in my own consciousness with the alter personalities of my mind, and I only realized this now, I would definitely try to get in touch with them and try to work together to create something like a ullia(shared mind) that worked for the common good, our interconnected family. Imagine what a person can become if you gather an alliance of personalities from him. One is responsible for the intellectual component, the second for protecting the family, the third for eloquence and oratorical skills in society, the fourth is chosen from the existing troubles associated with the skill of a scout and a weasel, the fifth for everyday life and emotional feelings in relationships, etc… in other words, you can get a perfect person, a unique kind, a new stage in the evolution of the mind!
    Perhaps Billy Milligan was a phenomenal case that humanity is not prepared for at this stage of our species ' development. Billy's life had been too much of a mess, sending him through more and more challenges that he didn't even know he had, because he didn't have a mind, but who knows what might have happened to Billy if he had grown up in a different family and in a different environment. Perhaps in the modern world, we are even surrounded by some successful people who have learned to live in harmony with their own mind, working as one, as an autonomous system.

  7. Not if you consider that none of his “personalities” existed, and he invented it in order to avoid the deadline.�
    You can't start speaking a foreign language, for example, when you haven't learned it yet. These are fairy tales that you promote. There are no miracles.

  8. Not everyone can cope with their personality, no matter how paradoxical it may be. And when one body is attacked by several different (by all indicators) people, life gradually turns into a nightmare. In man's own temple, a revolution begins: everyone wants to occupy their own niche, destroying others and the “owner” himself. Existence is gradually becoming meaningless. I think that everyone would like to have a person like themselves, so that they would share all the emotional experiences, sufferings and torments, perhaps everyone would like to talk to their soul one-on-one, so that it would come out of the body and appear as a separate person. But what if you have monsters, poor devils, tyrants, and victims inside you that you don't even know? It's easier to step into an open window or drink poison.

    Unfortunately, a split personality ( and in this case a whole circus) is quite difficult to identify for yourself, perhaps everyone wonders if he also has this disease.

    Billy's life was a mess, and he was only physically involved, not mentally. I don't think there is a madman in the world who would want to bear such a cross.

  9. No, because this is the life of a typical liar and rapist, as well as a murderer. Everything that is said about him has not been proven and verified by either scientists or psychiatrists. And all the information about his identity is contained in a book that was written by the person to whom Billy told about his fictional identities in order to avoid prison.

  10. I always wanted to be beaten up as a child, and I spent most of the rest of my life in mental hospitals. Well, he's a fictional character, but that's not relevant to the question.

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