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  1. And how do I “suddenly recognize”this? All religions are built on faith. If there is no faith, but there is some confirmed knowledge, then this is no longer a religion. How can I so cunningly find out what awaits a person in the afterlife, even if its presence is not confirmed by anyone?

    Well, if I do find out, I'll tell him and the whole world, with proof attached. And if there is no proof, then this is nothing more than another “prophecy”, in which our sinner/sinner will not believe, and rightly so.

  2. Why even “feed” a person with fairy tales, when you can immediately put him in front of the fact-live and have fun, but do not complain after, when it's your turn to pay. As for saving those who seem to be lost in life, it is better not to interfere with a person than to become extreme in his “adventures”

  3. Salvation, as we know, is given to a SINCERELY repentant person. Usually, a repentant Christian is absolutely sure that he has found salvation. If there is doubt, then the relationship with God is not established. You must find out for yourself through prayer. God will guide and guide you.

    It is difficult for other people to know how sincere a person is with God. It is you who should be as honest and open with God as possible.

    And there is no such thing as a smaller drop or a bigger drop. Sin cannot be small or large. Any sin moves a person away from God, no matter what he is. God is Holy and any sin does not allow a person to approach God.

  4. I am generally against the repentance system, if anything.

    I still believe more or less in the system of atonement, but repentance? Please dismiss me.

    The most idiotic situation that can be.

    I cut up a bunch of people, cheated, forced them, and then cried sincerely about it and that's it, I'm forgiven.

    as if that changes anything!

  5. There will be no eternal torment . Torments of conscience, the severity of which will depend on the degree of the deed-yes, but they will not be eternal . Everyone will be given the opportunity to repent and make amends . And become people free from vices. 🤗

  6. I would tell you. And he suggested stoicism as an alternative. But in general, I am for the universal salvation (universalism) version of some Calvinists. Universalism, in my opinion, is more appropriate to the spirit of Christ, but it does not contradict the words of the Bible about eternal torment.

  7. Actually, I don't like to forgive or ask for forgiveness for myself.

    Guilty-execute. I deserve it.

    But the weak need forgiveness… Yes, they always need something. Well, let it be given to them, no pity. Not condescendingly, not with a handout, but with kindness and charity. I should be kinder, too.

    Maybe I would have done something to help.

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