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  1. The motif of the question strongly resembles a slogan from pop psychology – apparently, after reading this literature, it appeared.

    If you use your brain correctly , it gives you an adequate understanding of reality. This in itself does not provide wealth or universal love, and it requires separate technologies and steps to achieve them.

    The problem with self-help books is that they do not reveal the causal relationship between intellectual activity and life success-because their authors do not understand this connection and do not know how it works – but simply sell you a beautiful idea. Therefore, Pelevinsky's aphorism “The only financial result that courses on personal growth give is the salary of the course leader”is true.

  2. Everything is possible if a person sets himself up for the right wave and strives in this direction day and night through self-development, pure thoughts and necessarily excluding any negative, discouragement, envy ,anger

  3. And what will lift, if not the brain? You just need to create the right algorithm of actions, analyzing and understanding for yourself what makes you a loner and how to set a different vector for your social activity, making you “everyone's favorite”, “rich”,”happy”. You were not born unhappy – that's the point. The subjective feeling of your own worthlessness is formed for a long time. Of course, you will have to make an effort to turn your self-esteem and worldview upside down – which, again, is quite subject to your brain, even if not in one month. The main thing is to have enough motivation for such a huge leap.

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