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  1. I don't think enlightenment can be achieved. Enlightenment is a kind of quality of being that is actualized for you when you stop constantly achieving something and start living, i.e. noticing what is around you. You can certainly meditate and achieve some elevated states for a while, but this is all coming, this is not a deep transformation.

  2. this is a question that cannot be answered without becoming enlightened. it's like asking at the beginning of the Paleolithic, ” well, I invented the bow and arrow, and what's next, eat too much and die?”

  3. An enlightened person is one who is in the mode of goodness. Non-enlightened people are demonic personalities. Asking demons what they think of enlightened ones (Saints) is ridiculous. Demons will always answer this question by seeing the situation from their “bell tower”. Demons are driven through life by satisfying their desires, which they call ” goals.” The demon can't imagine a life without goals. Enlightenment is just a life without goals, without desires, without your ego. It is no longer the ego that guides the Enlightened person,but God= The higher Self.

    The Higher Self has no material desires, and is not attached to matter,but is driven by the Higher Intelligence. The mind is not the mind,it is not the intellect. Reason is the Universal Supreme Wisdom of God. Only those who are ready to give up material beingness, giving up all ties to matter, will be able to come a little closer to understanding the highest meaning. Are there many such enlightened ones? I don't think. Probably, they are no more than 0.00001 % of the total mass of humanity.

  4. Strive for new enlightenment. To be honest, I don't know if it's possible. Just after enlightenment, the assemblage point is transferred from the left hemisphere to the right. We'll wait and see. Here.

  5. Enlightenment is clarity. The state in which the answers to all the questions that concern you are clear, understandable, obvious, the state is called enlightenment because everything seems to be illuminated, there are no more secrets and riddles, there is only the light of absolute understanding and acceptance. So the question” what to do ” disappears by itself. In short, for me your question sounds like ” what to do when it becomes clear what I should do? “, the answer is simple ” do what has become clear “.

    Moreover, enlightenment is not an act or a thing, it is a state, so when you reach it, you simply continue to go towards your goals, only in the most comfortable emotional and intellectual state.

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