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  1. We actually know a lot of different things, including the fact that mass is the energy E=mc2 and that radiation is also the energy E=hv. And as for what we see, King Solomon said well: “Vanities vanitatum et omniae vanitas”, which in Latin means:”Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” If you translate Solomon's words into the language of modern cosmology, it would sound like this: “Energy, all-Energy” in space-time.

  2. To your question, I answer that you are right about everything, you confirm the words of Albert Einstein. “The source of life, birth, and change is Qi. Everything in heaven and on Earth is subject to this law. On the periphery, Qi covers the universe, inside Qi gives rise to everything. “”Nei Caing.” Qi – – – is a cosmic energy that has the properties of Yin and Yang. As the Qi spreads around, it gives rise to everything, shrinking, it becomes hazy. When it takes form, it becomes matter. When it breaks up, it returns to its original state. With respect.

  3. We see, hear, touch, and register (instrumentally) matter and its interactions – the universal equivalent of all this is energy… we see that matter and its interactions are subject to laws (not legal, but objective, and (if we are sapiens) we know that there is something other than matter-energy that governs it. These Laws are immaterial (they have no mass, size, or other attributes of a material substance), but their strength is immeasurably higher than that of a diamond, proton, or any other material object. If someone says that these Laws do not exist – this is not a scientist from the word at all.

  4. You will be absolutely right.�

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  5. What nonsense you all are talking. Just awful.

    Energy is just one of the properties of matter. Scalar quantity and measure.

    You will be right to say:

    All that we see and don't see is Matter.

    Although… Believers don't understand

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