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  1. Yes, the state provides standard funerals, but only for citizens who are officially unemployed at the time of death. At the same time, I will say from the experience of my friends, if burial is chosen, they are actually not free of charge because the list of services does not include some necessary things (for example, the work of movers). If you choose cremation, you can bury completely free of charge. You should apply: for pensioners – to the Pension Fund, for all other unemployed-to the social security department.

  2. All organizations engaged in funeral services, according to the law, at the request of a citizen, are required to keep a person at public expense. If the organization that provides funeral services refuses to do so, you can safely write a statement to the police and prosecutor's office. If it turns out that you were really refused, the organization should revoke its license to provide funeral services. Personally handled the funeral of my father-in-law, there were no problems at all. The pope said that we bury according to the free state list, which includes a coffin covered with cloth, clothes for the deceased, a grave, delivery of the deceased and the burial itself. The state pays for this entire list of ritual organizations. Each region has a different number, from 10,000 to 20,000. Of course, ritual organizations do not advertise this information, and most people do not know this. Get 15,000 rubles from the state or promote the client by 150,000, but it still matters. But those who know about it, they bury their loved ones for free and without problems. Four friends of mine, like me, buried their loved ones for free, and also without any problems. Well, this is certainly for those for whom pomp and rituals are not important. If you want everything to be lush and on top, you will have to fork out.

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