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  1. No, they don't exist. This is an invention of romantic conspiracy theorists. Freemasonry is a lot of bureaucracy and a very dosed Gothic romance. To join, you need to write to the website of a particular lodge, send answers to questions about your biography, reading circle, interests, send a phone number, and then wait for a call. 2-3 members of the lodge will meet with the candidate, one at a time and at different times, conduct completely informal interviews and conversations with them, and then discuss everything together in the lodge and vote for or against admission. All. It is considered that the opinions of the candidate's interlocutors are quite sufficient. In other words, you don't need to complete any tasks to join. And after the introduction-it is necessary, but they are also not secret and not romantic: submit contributions, print texts, make a philosophical report, hang curtains,wash the floor in the temple before the meeting, buy a printer cartridge, moderate the forum-in short, do what the lodge needs at this moment and what the person who volunteered to coordinate all the activities instructed to do.

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