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  1. For example:

    future-mail.org� – The message delivery time is from one day to one hundred years. You can attach attached files up to 300 KB in size to your emails.� In addition to email, you can order delivery of a real paper letter by mail.

    mailfuture.ru� – A characteristic feature of the service is the complete absence of advertising banners.

    http://www.futureme.org -Allows you to vary the delivery time of emails to the addressee from one day to 28 years. Extremely simple interface, which you can understand even without knowing English. If you want, you can mark the message sent in the future with the Public check mark, and then any user of the site will be able to read the text of the message.

    http://www.lettermelater.com� – There is an address book, HTML editor, options for adding nested objects and forwarding messages to multiple recipients. In addition, the ability to send SMS messages to the future.

  2. Using the services of a notary, you can leave a message for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, by making a will. However, first you need to have children.

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