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  1. As Pushkov said, we are not Europeans, we just look alike. Truly so. Russia has nothing to do with modern European civilization, which buries itself. There are many civilizations on earth – European, Pax Americana, Russian World… well, something there in Asia, probably. The first two worlds are clearly losing ground. The Russian World is being strengthened and expanded through gas pipelines, footholds in Africa, Latin for the Russian Empire. America and the Middle East. So if Europe self-destructs, no one will even notice.

  2. Yes, we are watching. I think that our civilization will be replaced by a digital planetary mega-civilization. This is unavoidable. People will start to change their appearance. We will become very dependent on gadgets.

    Over time, we will also be guided by gadgets. After all, they can't take and give bribes. The world is moving towards what was shown in the movie “This is a fun Planet”, from which X,Y and Z. flew to us. This is the world of the future. I don't think this can be avoided. Just slow down.

  3. Of course not. There is no collapse of European civilization. There is a small crisis in understanding “where to go next”. And the crisis is connected with the fact that the colonial way of controlling the world has died out and is covered with cadaverous spots. But a new way, except for the ideas of liberalism, Europe has not been invented. And the very control of the world by Europe is becoming more and more ephemeral.

    But let's be honest, globalism has led to the fact that all existing civilizations are in exactly the same crisis.

    Even our Russian civilization, having rejected the monarchy, collapsed into “communism” and somehow got out of it, in fact lost its bearings. There is no idea of ” who we are, what we strive for, what our guidelines and principles are, whether we need to remain as a separate civilization or start building a universal one.”

    And these questions are now being asked by many people – Europeans, Americans, Chinese, and Muslims.

  4. Europe has done a lot of stupid things in the last 100 years, but it still leads certain areas of technical and scientific thought on the planet. It still creates material values, and in some industries, of a better quality than anyone else in the world. Therefore, it is premature to talk about the collapse of European civilization. Yes, there are certain signs of its spiritual impoverishment. They did not start today and such isms have always been present in it. For example, pidarastia has long been present in Western Europe. in the Middle Ages, it was already there. It was called Italian love. I don't know how much the Italians suffered from it, but the English kings did. This is why it was decided that women, not men, should inherit the throne in England. Pedophilia was always present. In the Middle Ages, priests who destroyed the most beautiful women in their countries could boast of “skulking”, which well violated the genetics of their peoples. All the ideas that Europe (Western Europe)produces today are not much different from all its previous skips. Europe is just such a part of the world that constantly rushes from one extreme to another and in all its hobbies does not know the measure and is not able to stop in time. Tomorrow, the same Europe will destroy faggots, pedophiles and other evil spirits and put on a pedestal what it so enthusiastically destroyed recently: traditional marriages. This is not the first time Europe has repeated this trick.

    For all the time from Peter 1, who really wanted a symbiosis of Europe and Russia, this symbiosis, interpenetration has not happened. Russia took all the “trends” of Europe, reworked them with its own mentality and gave out its own. Therefore, the fate of Russia and Europe will be different. & ..Russia will not collapse. You can rest easy on that score. It will survive where there is no wet spot left from Europe and the Americas. So you can sleep in peace.

    What kind of civilization will replace ours? The concept of “civilization” is so vague that it is too early to talk about a new civilization. We still haven't really decided what it is in the old civilization. Let's just say that there are all the signs of a new digital civilization: it is difficult to predict what it will be like. Any civilization is born not a single day and dies not a single day. This is a time-consuming concept and action. Maybe a thousand years or more. Russia will have to survive and survive all these changes. There is no other option. Otherwise, the entire human civilization on the planet will perish. How much will change in the new civilization is unclear to us today. A lot of things have to change. Changes will occur at a good pace, but not so fast that we will be horrified by it.

  5. There will be no collapse of European civilization. Europe has the most powerful creative potential and moral standards.But Russia has lost itself in the backwaters of history, has lost all sense of the requirements of the laws of evolution.By the end of 2024, only memories will remain of Russia. Europe and America will also suffer, but they may even be the engine of rebirth.

  6. The collapse will be universal according to the cyclical law of the world. The planet will enter the most powerful stage of development – the SPIRITUAL one. But there is a risk of the collapse of civilization as such (if volcanoes wake up.). The deadline is very close, but I can't name it according to the norms of ethics.

  7. No. We are in the process of transformation after the next cycle of development of human civilization. Russia is not part of European civilization. With the same success, you can call Europe a part of the Russian civilization ( just the fact that writing in Russia is 500 years older).
    We will collapse – the answer is never. It's already late.
    The future cosmos will speak Russian. Thanks to our ancestors.

  8. African Americans will come to power,they have already secured 60 % of the parliamentary seats in the Geocommission.Of course, in order to lull the vigilance of public opinion, this process of transition of power will be carried out under the control of the white elite and the Anglican Christian Church.But then African Americans will finally take over all the levers of control of the world and a new era of domination of the United States and its allies will begin on Earth.

  9. There is no European civilization. There is only one civilization on the planet – human. At the moment, it can be assessed as rotten. There is no development and is not expected. The world is ruled by capital, whose main horizon is profit, NOTHING else.

  10. What do you call European civilization? Even if it collapses, Russia can survive because it opposes itself to it. And if any will replace it-then of course China.

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