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  1. There is no fashion for self-development. There is a fashion for the consumption of intellectual books and films, for pseudo-sports activities (this is basically how it is expressed). This is annoying (in moderation), of course.

    On the other hand, this is all less common than the fashion for laziness. Posts and pictures on leprosy/etc about what a cute lazy cat you are, putting things off for later, lying on the couch and flipping through the feed are seen and distributed by much more people. Thousands of them.

  2. Yes, only because self-development has become fashionable. Self-development is important, of course, but everything that becomes fashionable loses its original meaning. It's painful to look at this on Instagram: people buy up courses and webinars on topics that they may not be interested in or need. Self-development should not be a fashion, it should be conscious, a person needs to understand why he is doing this, otherwise he is wasting time. If you develop yourself just because you don't want to keep up with the fashion trend, then your “efforts” are in vain.

  3. Not really. No one I know brags about being ” sharp-witted.” Let them develop, long life to them.

    But in principle, it's a shame that this is exactly “fashion”. There will be a fashion for degradation, then we will return to the Stone Age. Actually, what the world is heading for now.

    A person should use his mind to decide why he needs this self-development, whether he needs it, and how much time he needs to devote to it. Don't follow fashion blindly, gentlemen.

  4. At first I supported this idea and got carried away, then I realized that this is another type of business and a “fashion trend” and, accordingly, being an individualist (more precisely, an ambitious and demanding representative of the Y-Z generation, convinced of their own uniqueness), I cooled down to it, and now I just understand that on the one hand, self – development is everything in life, any of its moments, and on the other-if you want to achieve something really serious, that is, valuable qualitative changes – 99.9% probability that it will not work out. It took me about 14 years to gain this understanding.

  5. Of course, it pisses me off. Especially infuriating are adherents of self-development who do nothing else.

    Of course, you can not stay in one place: you either crawl up or slide down. But normal people develop their skills and talents for a specific purpose: run faster, jump higher to get to the Olympics, learn a new method of work and Chinese to cost more in the labor market, and so on. In the end, they learn how to bake delicious cakes to please their friends and family. But this has nothing to do with the mantras of successful success in personal development trainings and coaching sessions.

  6. On the example of a movie.

    A person who is engaged in “self-development” watch stupid movies from the “10 films for self-development” lists. And as a result, it floats in shallow water with an acid mine.

    A person who develops is a hunter in the forest who learns his own habits and the habits of the beast. He knows exactly what he likes , but nevertheless had enough adventurism to learn to really understand cinema, himself, and the means of expression.

    This can be applied to any sphere. But most likely, a person will develop in what he is interested in. And “self-develop” from neuroses and using copy-paste

  7. No, not annoying, absolutely. I just don't pay attention to it. Often, they write about typical ways to solve these pressing problems, which is not a discovery for a person who already knows how to control himself, what is intelligence and how to develop it, what is will and how to get himself off the couch. Well, and other things, of course, included in the concept of self-development and the problem of procrastination.�

    You know, in my opinion, this fashion is much better than others. I think everyone can remember the not very acceptable or stupid trends that most people follow. Fashion is a product of mass culture, mass culture is aimed at a large number of individuals, and the term “crowd”can also be used. Obviously, let this very majority be subject to ideas of self-development in their conformity, rather than, for example, depraved youth in the carbon monoxide atmosphere of alcohol and narcotic substances. In my opinion, this is a great move in the name of bringing the youth in the proper form. Most people, let me remind you, with conformal views.

  8. It's even more infuriating that everyone around you is trying to disrupt this hype. From here, the Internet begins to teem with low-grade articles like “How to stop procrastinating”, which are rewritten without stopping. But, as mentioned above, it's cool that there are a lot of classes and resources where you can find all this and keep yourself busy-to form a type of all sorts of Theories and Practices, Edumate.ru, Studies.<url>, etc. So you can benefit from any fashion.

  9. Yes, it's annoying. What follows does not apply to everyone who is engaged in self-development. But it definitely concerns someone.

    Instead of doing something really important for themselves, people start doing various pleasant and simple things called self-development: reading books, watching movies, learning a language, and feeling social approval. In itself, reading, developing erudition and languages is useful. But almost everyone has much more important (and complex) tasks that will really pull a person out of the swamp from which he is trying to get out with the help of self-development. Someone needs to deal with the blockages at work, someone needs to find new friends or a partner, someone needs to realize a dream, someone needs to close an old unfinished story, etc.

    Self-development is not a fight against procrastination. This is a form of procrastination.

  10. Not annoying, because given the huge amount of entertainment that has appeared such as games/social networks/gadgets and other things, the problem of self-development and the fight against procrastination is really becoming more and more relevant. It's great that people think about it and start taking care of themselves. Another thing is when it turns into show-off and hypocrisy, for example, reading books solely for the purpose of appearing smart and well-read (“they play games and get drunk, but I read books, look!”). In this case, it will be no better than the methods of leisure activities I mentioned above. But I repeat: if a person is looking for ways to develop and pump his brain in the current conditions of all this information garbage around him, then this is cool.Мир The

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