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  1. If humanity is able to verify the existence of life on ALL the planets of at least one of our galaxy, then the question of their population of intelligent beings will not concern me at all. This will mean that we can move quite quickly from planet to planet to check if there is life there. If the planet is habitable and there is life there, then this is great, this is a huge research potential. If it is suitable, but there is no life-well, okay, then it is free and we can populate it ourselves. If it is uninhabitable , we extract what minerals we can and fly away. Anyway, some pluses.

  2. That's what I'll feel. Space will be even colder, and Carl Sagan's words about our only home will be even more poignant. No one will ever hear the Voyager gold record recordings and never know how beautiful our home planet is. We will live in the void.

    Fortunately, there are countless planets, and hope will live on as long as you and I live.

  3. Even if we somehow magically manage to scientifically confirm the absence of life on any of the planets ,of which there are millions or even billions in the universe, the news is likely to have a double effect.On the one hand, there is the sadness of being alone in outer space, on the other hand, there is a sense of one's own uniqueness and a sense of being pioneers in a vast, lifeless desert.But personally, I would be sad,here you have the destruction of all the dreams and aspirations of meeting with another civilization and the collapse of all other fiction

  4. As you know, there are two simply frightening possibilities: we are alone in this world and we are not alone in it. I think that the second one will be much more emotional. So calm down and have a cup of tea with Kami's songs. That's what I'll do when I know we're alone.

  5. Even so, ignorance will be even more frightening. Moreover, the absence of the object of research probably will not determine the end of the search for other life in space, and this will continue until the end of the existence of our civilization, or until we still find intelligent aliens in this universe.

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