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  1. I think that in part some people use feminism as a wrapper for resentment. All my problems are the fault of men, so I will hate them all. But if we consider feminism as a movement, even considering all possible options, then I would not say that it contains hatred or anger and hatred for any group or individuals. Each of the waves of feminism raises certain issues and points to certain forms of discrimination in modern society.�

    Otherwise, Marxism, the civil rights movement, Protestantism, and many other ideas can be attributed to resentment.

  2. This is it. Feminism, as well as other liberal subprojects ” for the most feeble-minded: “nationalism” or “communism”, of course, I use the opposition “THEY – WE”, where all evil comes from “THEY”, and all good from “WE”. Look carefully and you will see this. In all cases, postulate one: “they oppress us”, postulate two: “we must defend ourselves” and postulate three: “when our people come to power, everything will immediately change for the better” (well, since we are good, and therefore we can't do anything bad). And in each case, I demand this from people who are far from any oppression – in nationalism, this is the national big capital, which is difficult to treat, in the case of communism, these are nobles eager to redistribute property, relying on lumpen-proletarians who were born without working anywhere and therefore not oppressed by anyone, and in the case of feminism – ordinary lesbians (read the Jewish furies of the red terror and think-could these women be normal?).

    And that explains the ease with which they all go from fighting one thing to fighting another.

  3. You need to be able to distinguish between feminism, as defending the human rights of female representatives, and feminism, as part of left-liberal ideas and a wrapper for man-hating.

    There are really respectable people who really stand up for women's rights where they are discriminated against on the basis of gender; and there are young whiners-teenagers who are offended by the whole world and try to find themselves in any social group, and all they can do is whine and complain about patriarchy and white heterosexual oppressors, without doing anything useful.

    The first is good, necessary, and useful.

    The second is just a kind of resentment, which is not necessary for anyone and does not bring any benefit.

    Actually, it is not surprising why the word “feminism” has become a household word.

    This is sad, but, alas, most of those who present themselves as feminists have themselves achieved the “denigration” of the feminist movement.

    You can go to any first-time public vk or Twitter profile that presents itself as a feminist, and see for yourself firsthand what kind of” feminists ” are so toxic, aggressive and unable to argue their position.

    With respect.

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