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  1. Answers to the key questions of philosophy “who am I?”, “what is the world?” religion usually responds “by default”, solving other problems of human life.

    Accordingly, you can determine the work based on what key issues are in it.

  2. Can religions be considered philosophical movements , and sacred books-philosophical works?

    rather, no, because philosophy in its usual sense is considered the highest form of intellectual activity of a person, aimed at comprehending and explaining being, while religion is an explanation of being, which cannot be reached by “logic” and human intelligence and which comes as a revelation from above, which is accepted by faith.

    Simply put, religion differs from philosophy in that it explains being not in terms of its cognizability and self-development, but as a manifestation of the will of the supreme deity, incomprehensible to human consciousness. If philosophy is characterized by logical analysis, generalizations, reasoned proofs and conclusions, religion is based on unconditional faith.

  3. It is impossible, because, in addition to the worldview, religion prescribes certain behavior, rituals, and also in most cases assumes the presence of a church and/or clergy. Sacred books are, as a rule, mythological, historical and philosophical texts, sometimes scattered, written by different people at different times and on different occasions, which cannot be called “philosophical works” in the scientific sense.

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