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  1. The extraordinary thinking of one outstanding person can change the worldview of all mankind, and this has already happened many times.

    The outstanding person himself is shaped by his time and society.

  2. There is such a concept- “The theory of great people, the theory of the hero and the crowd”, which suggests, as Wiki writes, that the development of history is determined by the mind and will of individual “great people”. If you look at history, you can easily find examples of personalities who have influenced the development of mankind. But, on the other hand, if we consider these individuals as part of a whole, it turns out that these people are a product of their time. They could not be different in their environment, could not act differently, because they were formed by place and time. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question: did a particular person really change the worldview of all mankind, or did the worldview of humanity manifest itself in the appearance of such a person? In my opinion, the extraordinary qualities of a person's personality in such a process are still less important than the conditions in which he finds himself.

  3. I am always concerned about questions that start with:”….all doctors ,

    all physicists, all historians, all teachers, etc.”I simply don't answer some questions or start with an “introduction “about”everything”.Let me repeat the question: “Can the extraordinary thinking of one person change the worldview of all mankind?”I want to start simply with statistics related to the words “… of all mankind”.

    Earth's population (humanity ) for the current year, it is 7.893 billion rubles.

    human. There are 197 independent states on 7 continents (geography ) ,

    Among them( according to the UN), 47 are considered backward and, according to UN estimates, about 15 have a low human development index .

    Wiki : “An integral indicator calculated annually for cross-country comparison and measurement of living standards, literacy,

    education and longevity as the main characteristics of the human potential of the study area “.That's what statistics alone means by two words- ” all of humanity .””All of humanity,” just the vast majority, is not known in the 21st century, neither Aristotle, nor Hegel, nor Darwin, nor Mendeleev, nor Curie, nor Musk, who significantly advanced knowledge about the world around us, only within the framework of the civilized part of humanity .

    Therefore, the extraordinary thinking of a single genius can only affect that part of humanity that, due to mental development, education , scientific culture, etc. able to understand and accept something new that can change their perception of the world .

    I apologize for the statistics , but part of the answer is also in it .

  4. Of course! Aristotle alone is worth something! And don't forget Jobs, Tesla, even Darwin. How would we view the world without the theories and ideas listed? I think differently…

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