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  1. Yes, they can. Especially if the principle is violated: not a person for rules, but rules for a person. The purpose of the rules is to regulate certain attitudes and behaviors for the successful functioning of the community in accordance with existing realities. If the reality changes, but the rules remain, then the rules become “wrong”, that is, their application leads to a deterioration in the quality of life of the community.

  2. Anton, I hope you understand that you have asked a rhetorical question , but it is impossible to give a clear answer to it. Well, of course, the rules may be wrong. It all depends on who is serving them and for what purposes. How fair and humane are these rules?

    For example, in places of detention, there may not be exactly humane rules. Or in the wild tribes such attitudes that we will find completely unacceptable.

    A family tyrant can set strict rules within the family. And they may be wrong.

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