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  1. You can assume anything and everything: that Moses, Christ and Muhammad were aliens from the future, or that they were reptilians, or that Yaroslav the Wise and Khan Baty are one and the same person, and Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are four completely different people. The problem is that none of these assumptions can be confirmed or refuted, which means that they are, strictly speaking, meaningless and useless.

    As for time travel, the late Stephen Hawking once made a good experiment: he announced through the media about a special “party for time travelers”, to which he invited all hypothetical tourists from the future. A clear time and location for the event was announced to make it easier for travelers to set up their time machines. However, as you can imagine, the party was rather boring – Hawking had to entertain himself alone. Of course, this doesn't prove that time travelers don't exist, but if they did, we'd get definitive proof that they do. Alas, the hypothesis was not confirmed and remained an assumption.

  2. This is one of the naturalistic (essentially atheistic) interpretations of the gods – that they are aliens, aliens from the future, from other dimensions, clever crooks, magicians, yogis, robots of lost civilizations, etc.

  3. It is very unlikely that the creators and owners of “time travel technology” – would have thrown their ancestors – the belief in “some higher consciousness” – for development. The belief in “something external-on which your life depends”, rather distracts from the development of the capabilities of your own mind and body.


  4. No, I don't agree . Religion was invented by people, or most likely other entities who knew everything about the solar system from cover to cover and they flew here on a rocket that the savages saw and built and are building its models to this day and it will be a church.And so they made religion by rewriting astronomy under such an amazing guise as the Bible

  5. Good day. I think there are no grounds for such assumptions, firstly, because time travel still has no solid scientific basis, and secondly, let's say there was a time when the future of humanity did not know religion, and if the future of humanity improved religion, then the past of humanity is capable of this. How not to remember the last terminator, when after the destruction of Skynet (the events of Terminator 2 showed that Sarah Conor and the terminator destroyed the prototypes of Skynet in their time, from which the future should already go without a war with machines), humanity created another artificial intelligence called Legion anyway. In other words, we can say that the development of independent machines has become an inevitable phenomenon, despite any “adjustments” of the past. The same can be said about the emergence of religions. To be more precise, religious faith is inherently inherent in a person, so throughout the rather well-known history of mankind (about 10 thousand years), mostly all of humanity was religious.

  6. Religion was invented by people from the past , but in fact it was told and shown to them by aliens . And they told how the solar system works but somehow in a peculiar way in the form of biblical stories And they showed people their ship and most likely took a ride on it . Therefore, people have built a temple and conduct the process of launching and launching a ship in it with a simulation of weightlessness . That's how religion was invented, everything is insanely simple

  7. You can assume that. It won't hurt our imagination. You can even make it into a script and sell it to Hollywood – they will shoot another blockbuster movie. Very often this happens. People with a rich imagination twist stories…why not?

    How reliable is this assumption? We can't verify this…but as a fantasy, why not?)

  8. And who are your ancestors? If not developed nations, then there can be anything. And if developed, then it is clear that it is impossible to inspire a complex religion. Well, how do you imagine teaching spirituality on the example of the Apostle Paul? Read it. Chemistry is simpler than all these subtleties. Imagine that someone began to inspire and teach you something something for something. Why would you do that? Do you all remember what you learned in school? Or like everyone else, have you already forgotten everything?
    Why do you need religion? First, understand your needs. Then you can fantasize any fairy tales

  9. Religion, as the evolution of living organisms, has evolved from animal worship to Christianity. It is possible that Jesus Christ had an extraterrestrial origin, but came to humanity not from the distant future, but from his home planet (a star system similar to the Solar system). The development of humanity is a natural process, it had to happen (like evolution itself). But if we look at this situation from a different angle, we can assume that Christianity took its origins from pagan cults.

  10. Of course, no one can forbid you to assume anything. But this particular assumption of yours is far from the truth. If only because, as history shows, the more developed a society is, the less place religion has in it.

  11. Here, on the Internet, there is a concrete example that confirms this theory: Chechen Paganism.The gods of the Chechens were Slavic in appearance,they covered the rocks of the Chechens with fascist symbols: – Swastikas and Celtic Crosses.Conclusion: The Gods are Russian Fascists, time travelers.

  12. In general, this can be assumed, of course, because human thinking is an example of complete lawlessness. But with the facts, such fantasies will be quite weak.

    There is an extremely immutable law of cause and effect that governs absolutely all other laws, and according to it, time travel is simply impossible, and all sorts of quantum cats and Hysteresis loops are just entertaining fiction.

    And so, based on this very law, as well as from the three laws (principles) of thermodynamics, science just cannot explain the emergence of the whole universe from nothing, the formation of life forms from inanimate matter (complication against the background of entropy) and the actual emergence of intelligence from, excuse me, a bunch of bricks and a cloud of gases.

    But the Bible answers all these questions without violating any of these laws in any way.

    So what am I talking about? And just about the fact that first God created man in the image and likeness, completely dependent on Him in order to have someone to communicate with and it was a normal living relationship. Then the fall (disobedience, treason) put a barrier in this relationship, but the need for communion with God remained.

    What does a person do when he or she has an overwhelming need for a living relationship with a partner of the opposite sex and is deprived of such an opportunity? He begins to create substitutes for natural surrogates: he makes pornography (icons) instead of a living person, vibrators, dildos, inflatable dolls (idols) and generally goes all out, getting serious mental damage as a result, because natural can never be replaced by artificial without tragic consequences.

    This is what I have described in the form of a parable – how religion is created by people not from the past or the future, but right now, today and continuously throughout the entire history of mankind – a banal and stupid attempt to replace a living relationship with the Creator with the use of created things (Rom.1:18-32).

    In addition, with a skilful approach to this issue, you can have a lot of money and power over the minds of people, based on which the motive is on the face. After all, according to statistics, religion and the porn industry are in the first places in these ratings, and only then drugs and weapons … I won't say anything about the “real economy” at all.

    But God, in contrast to … He doesn't need our money, doesn't fool us with religious tales, and doesn't try to keep us under His power by force through fear. It offers freedom of choice and gives a person immeasurably more than a person can sacrifice (voluntarily) for It.

  13. This question itself shows that religion was created by the Cro-Magnons themselves, i.e., we. The fact is that man in his modern form differed from other types of man by the presence of imagination. This has been proven, and the step in the evolution of the brain at which it appeared has recently been determined. Now, however, I don't want to go for a link. And they, trying to explain and influence the laws of nature with the help of their imagination, settled invisible people everywhere who controlled the forces of nature. So animism was born, and it is nothing but self-projection, which was made possible by a unique function of the brain-imagination. In the same way, you, through the most standard function of imagination(anthropomorphization), have placed in the past the people from the future who controlled the emergence of religion. And it makes us think that if a star flashes in space, it was the space people who made it blink, and if a meteorite falls, it is the American people who drop the bomb.

    As Dersu Uzala said, ” There are many different people in the taiga.”

  14. Let's assume that clouds are a life form that is too intelligent for us to understand. They fly and see everything, control everything, and we don't even know.

    To avoid such absurdity, when you are interested in something, you should first start from simple questions and make assumptions about what is most likely. Simple questions: how did religions arise? Who benefits from them? The more complex question is: is time travel from the future to the past even possible? It is most likely that in the past there were and in the present there are people who benefit from religion. It is most likely that time travel is not possible.

  15. Imagine that time travel is possible.

    There is a misconception that religion was invented by people of the distant past. Although, if you think about it carefully, it was invented by people of the distant future. And it happened by accident.

    When humans traveled through time, they wore special suits that protected ancient nature from their germs. They hunted animals, fished, cooked and ate. In a very unusual way, of course: with blasters.

    (The murdered grandfather paradox and the butterfly effect are bullshit theories in my opinion, so they won't be here.)

    It scared the local savages. It was thought that the gods had come, raged. Similarly, the appearance of the aliens influenced their beliefs. Their faces are masked, and their extraordinary robes all shine like stars..�

    There is a rock painting from Valcamonica, Italy. It was the ancient “cosmonauts” who drew the ancient people, and not the gods or anything. After all, you can interpret it in different ways.

    In addition, aliens from the future were lit up in Egypt. Whether they went there on purpose to be the ones who helped build it, it's hard to say. But one thing is certain: they were there.�

    The ancient Egyptians began to erect monuments in their honor. Of course, the guests took off their costumes: otherwise, how to make sculptures?�

    Yes, the people of the future have left a huge mark on history. It is a pity that no one will ever guess in honor of whom such monuments were actually made. Who would have thought that because of these aliens can arise… whole religions, cultures, and deities!

    Unfortunately, not all the information about these amazing events has been preserved. Perhaps our distant descendants will be able to unravel the great mystery of religions and understand in more detail how it all happened.�

    It is also worth asking who Jesus Christ really was. Who was the Buddha? Who was Mahomet? Alas, history is silent. We have to take the word of people who, if you think about it, shouldn't be trusted too much. Everyone can tell you what their heart desires.�

    Others believe, as I do, that Jesus, Buddha, and Mahomet are people from the future. They went back in time by accident. They wanted to understand who created the three world religions and why. They were kind and wanted to do nothing but good.�

    And when the legendary characters weren't there, they unwittingly took their places.

    So it's all true, and it was true!

  16. Can. And we can also assume that religion was invented by people from the distant past. They didn't come out of nowhere, but just invented it to push us to develop. As it was in fact, I even xs. But giving people from the past a chance is definitely worth it.

  17. The longer time passes, the further people move away from God. The loss of the meaning of life pushes a person to reject many things, for example, morality. If you take as a unit of life only what is here and now, then as Gazmanov sang “live while young”, or as they say in advertising “
    take everything from life, because you deserve it”
    Faith in the Lord gives hope and motivation to live, look at some people who are deprived of their hands and feet, look at their desire to live and achieve success.
    And who brought faith in God, it does not matter, they say that there is a spiritual center in the brain. It is important that Faith does its job,it gives hope.

  18. People tend to distort the Teaching, and the Creator has to embody Divine Consciousnesses again and again in order to revive the truth.
    The essence of all the Teachings of the Messiahs is God the Father (the Creator, in other languages – Ishvara, Tao, Allah, Svarog, etc.), but for example, God the Father was not included even in the New Testament.

    God the Father, for His part, has repeatedly given incarnate people His Teaching through His Messengers (Messiahs, Avatars) and prophets. Information was provided in a form that was appropriate for specific groups of people.
    But in each such center of religious knowledge created by God, people have always distorted the Teachings they received over time.
    For example:
    – the religious duties of people were reduced only to participation in supposedly “saving” rites, replacing real efforts to improve,
    – religious “fundamentalism” emerged
    — false concepts of “national religions” and “national Gods” were formed-while in fact God is one not only for people of the whole Earth, but also for the whole universe.

    Therefore, reasonable people should look for the methodological essence of these areas-in the form taught by the Founders! And then we see that there are no differences! But there is a Single and Eternal Teaching of God.
    … The whole spiritual Path can be represented in the form of three large steps:
    1. The study and acceptance of knowledge about God and the Path to Him, the practical development of His “code of ethics” – a set of commandments about improving ourselves.
    Jesus taught us to forgive, not to claim back what was taken from you, to be humble, not aggressive, not aggressive, not to be annoyed, judging others, not to covet worldly values, not “attached” to earthly objects, including other people, but love to respond to all sorts of antics primitives, to be caring, tender in relations with others…
    2. Mastering the techniques of psychic self-regulation and further developing yourself as a spiritual heart.
    It is only through the development of a Spiritual Heart that one can reach the heights of spiritual Perfection. There are no other options for taking spiritual Heights.
    You can conduct a natural training with your consciousness, which in the future will allow you to experience blissful states in Merging with God:
    It is necessary to learn to live steadily with consciousness in the Spiritual Heart, from it to look at the world around us, from it to send love to people, animals, plants, spirits, and God.
    To do this, there is a method of shifting consciousness, you need to learn to feel your head (with eyes, ears, lips)… “in the chest.
    3. Mastering direct personal relationships with God, using the knowledge left by Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and other Divine Teachers.
    We realize that many people from different countries commit crimes out of self-interest, because of their uncontrolled aggressiveness, because of following false ethnic traditions, because of false ethical attitudes imposed by religious false pastors… Violence of some people against others, hatred and the desire to kill take hold of a significant part of the population of entire countries … They are killed — for a different skin color, for a different nationality, for different religious views, because they live on a different street or come from another country… And how many people end their God-given lives by committing suicide!… There are also a huge number of those who voluntarily give themselves up to the power of drugs, and the number of such people increases every year… And how many people get sick, die and degrade spiritually because they refuse to follow the diet recommended by God…
    All this might not have happened if people knew why they came to Earth!…
    Read more in the book: “Classics of spiritual philosophy and modernity”, “God speaks” (Textbook of Religions), “Ecopsychology”

  19. Forward and up. Only it is impossible to attribute to “people from the distant future” views on religion as a means of “pushing us to develop”. Let's think better of them.

  20. This question is delusional on so many levels that it just blows my mind. How can people from the future get into the past? Why, if they already live in a developed society where there is time travel, should they change something in the past? What religion are we talking about? What does development have to do with it? If we are talking about the Abrahamic religions, then humanity did not develop before them, or did the ancient Greeks lay the foundations of the entire Western culture by accident?

  21. Interesting question. I don't think they came from the future, in the usual sense)

    Every religion has its own origins and roots. I want to make a comparison with a river for clarity, it has a source, and initially coming out of the depths to the surface somewhere far from the eyes, in the virgin thicket of the forest or mountains. The water of this spring is clean and clear, and you can drink it. But before it falls into the ocean, for example, it has time to become muddy and silted up.�

    For example, Christ and Buddha were the same people as everyone else, but what distinguished them was their inner spiritual strength, the ability to overcome the impossible, in other words, they were much stronger spiritually. Speaking spiritually, I mean, and willpower, and as I said above, the ability to overcome the impossible, and think outside the box, not like everyone else. They can be called the progressors of their time, but in this way they pushed their environment to develop . They were the source of the new view of the world that they told others about. And over the centuries, their original view was silted up by the ideas of subsequent generations, to such an extent that it turned into a religion. By the way a damaged phone works on this principle)

  22. The whole religion is rooted in much more ancient beliefs, from ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and so on. And not just by their roots, but in some places they were even too lazy to change the names of angels. So it was only supplemented, transformed and embellished.

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