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  1. I would say that it has not depreciated, but has lost in value. Gone are the days when after a lady showed off her bare ankle, a man could shoot himself out of excess of feelings. As a result, in order to experience the same level of pleasure as before, you need more sex, or even more already UNUSUAL sex, because ordinary sex no longer gives someone such a pile of sensations.

  2. This impression was recently reinforced by reading Fowles ' novel The Mistress of a French Lieutenant. In it, the author interestingly comments on the worldview of the Victorian era, emphasizing how people treated everything sexual and how they fueled their interest in intimacy through external chastity, complete closeness, privacy, etc. (strict outfits, decency, etc.). It is interesting that the writer also adds words about the distribution of an unprecedented number of vulgar publications/texts (he wrote the novel in the 20th century, in the 60s). In general, Fowles writes that the society of that time managed to preserve a greater spark, a greater taste of sex, by creating an atmosphere of mystery of people, their unhurried acquaintance with each other. But that was the way it was in the aristocratic circle, for the most part. Personal opinion: I would like people to love sex, but do not rush to engage in it before the moment when they will enjoy other stages of acquaintance with each other, so as not to steal fresh sensations. Thank you for a very interesting question, answered only partially, a lot of thoughts))

  3. It seems to me far from the 21st century. We can just say that now there is a certain period when it all became something ordinary, fake, just without feelings and emotions for a frequent one.But just the usual connections because of love and other things have not disappeared anywhere, just the point is that something completely different has become more acute. In principle, it was never completely something intimate for EVERYONE,only for certain individuals. And do not forget that before people were even less free and they were often OBLIGED, and as in principle, this happens now,but you will agree that this option is much less often possible. Just think of the right of the wedding night,which was granted to the master of serfs, who had the right to be the first to taste the wife of his servant in bed. Fortunately, when you take out a mortgage in a bank, the lender or someone else does not have this right,so it's not so bad,although there is nothing good either.

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