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  1. The specific identity of a person does not change from technical lotions to modifications. A person with a bionic hand does not belong to another species, only the biological component has been replaced by a bionic one. The concept of “cyborg” is a rather vague concept. A person with a prosthetic tooth or a dental filling is also a “cyborg”. In fact, a cyborg is any biological organism that contains artificial components. I think there are several hundred thousand of them on Earth, if not several million.

  2. No, you can't.

    Evolution is a biological concept, and technological achievements (including artificial intelligence, which is impossible to implement under the current strategy for the development of agricultural machinery) do not fit into it in any way.

    In addition to one of the answers already given: new species are required to:

    a) meet the criterion of the species, i.e. have a unique genotype, freely interbreed and produce fertile offspring with the same properties; and

    b) have a full set of adaptations to the environment.

    Genetic engineering has not yet reached such heights.

  3. And why is the cyborg immediately, and why will it replace it, but homo sapiens will still remain, but it will simply be modified along the way? If we talk about a different biological species, then it is somehow more logical to look in the direction of genetic engineering, thanks to which you can create a completely different creature that will reproduce its own kind. Or even talk about artificial intelligence, which will replace / complement the human one and will live its own life, creating physical bodies as needed.

  4. If we consider the development of the universe from the point of view of determinism (fatalism), then yes, everything that happens in the universe was laid down and programmed at the very beginning. Fatalism says that nothing in this world happens by chance or just like that. Any event or phenomenon is preceded by many other events or phenomena. And nothing can happen in the world in the use of any laws, regardless of our knowledge of them. Even quantum laws are also laws that the universe obeys. And if we can't explain some phenomena, it doesn't mean that they happen by chance or by magic.

    BUT, we can't say that there will ever be AI or cyborgs, since we can't predict this fatalism (due to the infinite variety of events affecting each other), but if AI (or cyborgs) will arise at some time, then it means that it was “programmed” in the universe at the very beginning.

    Another question is who (what) it was programmed: whether by the Big Bang, or by God-we don't know yet.

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