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  1. Well, to understand Luhmann well, you should ideally read him (there are translations into Russian, written in a completely simple language, if you are, of course, familiar with basic sociological terms).�

    To begin with, let us recall that Luhmann's sociology is the second stage in the development of the theory of social systems (the first stage is associated with the name of T. Parsons). First, we need to define what Luhmann meant by society as a social system.�

    Society is a comprehensive, self-observed communication system.�

    In his work “Society of Society”, he identified the following features of society::

    1) sociality (human-to-human relations; orderliness of relations as opposed to chaos; quality of purposefulness)

    2) differentiation of society�

    3) communication�

    4) duration of the company's existence�

    5) heterogeneity of society�

    Luhmann's main goal was to create a theory of modern society corresponding to its high degree of complexity.�

    N. Luhmann introduced the concept of autopoietic systems, that is, systems that reproduce themselves. Otherwise, his theory corresponds to the basic postulates of systems theory, which were introduced by Parsons. Only if Parsons has “social action” in the foreground, then Luhmann has “communicative structures”.�

    P.S. All social systems can be divided into mechanical, biological, mental and social (the last two are semantic).

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