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  1. Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor Janer Taslaman ” Invented religion. Full version”: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/ayWuE8PUXgx7-w
    Of course, this is not short, but the answers to all the questions in one book. It describes in detail what is Islam and what is made up by people. Unfortunately, a lot of things are made up in Islam and directly contradict the Koran.

  2. Everything that concerns worship and belief depends on the madhhab (school of Sharia law). I can recommend a good site that covers a lot of different nuances on various topics, including the topic you are interested in.

  3. I highly recommend Yu. A. MIKHAILOV's book “It's Time to understand the Koran”. Even for a practicing Muslim, it will be very interesting, although it is addressed to non-Muslim intellectuals.

  4. In principle, there is no unique book, it all depends on which direction of Islam you are interested in. In the Sunni (Sufi) environment, the book “Tell me about Islam” is popular; Salafis would recommend ” Aqida al-Wasitya “(Ibn Taymiyah), “The Three Foundations” and “Kitab at-Tawhid” (Sheikh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahhab); the Shiites (to whom I belong) have an interesting book” Western Civilization through the eyes of a Muslim ” (Sheikh Musavi Lari), as well as a good book “Fundamentals of the Islamic faith”has been translated:


    Favorable research!

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