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  1. According to the Bhagavad Gita (the main scripture of Hinduism). The soul is constantly changing bodies. Taking at the next birth the body corresponding to the consciousness of the living entity at the time of death. So a person can be born both an animal and an insect or a plant, and an animal can be born a person. Vysotsky still sang about it).

  2. Do animals have souls? Does a person have a soul? No one knows. Simply because there is not a single fact to prove it. “Theories” are as far removed from the concept of “theory” as my momentary idea that a single teapot with a tea bag inside is spinning at the edge of the galaxy. This cannot be verified. Therefore, the scientific way is not just to think about it, to forget about it. The religious way is to think up, interpret, and pile up ideas one better than the other (this is what religious trends come from, for example, the separation of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism, the emergence of “seventh-day Adventists”, Baptists, and Jehovah's Witnesses. And this is only in Christianity.)

  3. According to Buddhism, all living beings, including animals, can be reborn in different worlds. The only problem here is that the animal world is a “sad lot”, a “lower world”. It is easy to get there, but it is difficult to get out of there, because for a favorable birth (human, divine) you need to have a minimum of mental fears and good karma. In the world of animals, the mind of almost all creatures is overshadowed by heavy pollution, which does not allow not only to “think” (this option is turned off there, as you know, as unnecessary), but also to make moral choices, which does not allow them to earn good karma. As a result, we can say that animals can theoretically be reborn as humans, but this is sooooo difficult!

    As for a certain immortal soul, from the point of view of Buddhism, no one has it at all. Our ego is just an illusion that disappears at the moment of death. A certain “stream of creation” or, if you prefer, our accumulated karma is reborn.

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