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  1. It happens that people identify morality and morality. This is not uncommon and so it happened. But Volodya tends to separate them, because, in fact, they are different.

    Morality is a set of norms from the outside. It is accepted by us or imposed by society, because society is interested in following the rules in order to avoid risks. Legal codes, codes of deadly sins, and rules of etiquette are excellent examples. Morality is neither bad nor good in general, but in particular cases it can be both useful and harmful.

    Often, morality is unconscious and implies a belief in the punishment for violating the norms (whether it is a conviction, penalty, deprivation of liberty, hell, or the like). The logic is simple (one plane) and it does not require conscious understanding, if you violate the ban, you should be punished.

    Morality, on the other hand, is internal norms of behavior. Everyone has their own standards. In fact, this is a practical characteristic of human behavior, because it is defined existentially.

    Morality is built on a simple rule: “Do for people what you want them to do for you” or ” Don't do to others what you don't want to do to yourself.” Accordingly, people who violate this logic are immoral.

    Examples: the killer of a person can be moral if it is, for example, a “gladiator”who is ready to be killed in the next fight. Or even moral will be a thief who has been stolen more than once and is used to repeating it. Such people are held hostage by external circumstances, but they still maintain a balance, although the best solution is to go beyond the system.

    I will call negative morality the result of the negative influence of the environment on the individual, while positive morality is the result of positive influence.

    A person can not respond in kind to the evil committed against him, but he can not avoid subsequent repetitions-he is immoral, because of weakness. A person commits evil towards others, but he does not like it when it is done to him — he is immoral because of stupidity. These people upset the balance, either to the detriment of themselves or to the detriment of others. If the first finds the second, then such a system of relations, after a while, will be destroyed to the detriment of both.

    Volodya described in more detail here:

  2. They have the right. Just as they have the right to remain silent, for their own benefit. No wonder there is a phrase: “Not caught – not a thief!” This rule still applies. But if a person who did not comply with the law accuses someone who is not guilty , they have no right. If we go down this low, we won't be any different from the medieval people who burned witches.

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