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  1. Any person trying to push a Person somewhere does not do very well =))

    If a psychologist does this, he also acts stupidly. Or, as they say, unprofessional.

    The meaning of practical psychology, if you put it in one word ,is the opposite of” stuffing”. This meaning is freedom. The task of the psychologist is to promote Human development; his ultimate goal is complete liberation (this goal, of course, is beyond the scope of psychotherapy or counseling).

    Yes, you can also set another goal. For example, the” return ” of a person to society. He's already there – or the others will deal with him. The only question is: how to do it?..

    If a psychologist in principle “works” with a person in any way, if something changes in a person, this is a change that has not occurred before. And since the methods of psychology are fundamentally “non-invasive”, this change, even thanks to a psychologist, is carried out by a person himself. That is, be that as it may, whatever the purpose may be, it becomes more free.



    There are different frameworks.

    For example, there is a framework for this question.

    If I talk about football in my answer – in fact, here – I run the risk of going beyond this very framework and retiring. Or even lead you away; football is more interesting. What, no?


    Therefore, generally speaking, it is perfectly normal for a Person to conform to the framework (not to push yourself, but to conform). There is nothing” anti-human and immoral ” about it.

    On the contrary, all morality is a framework. The concept of humanity is the same. In light of this, your question can be perceived as light trolling… but I will not push you into this framework=))

  2. Hello! A psychologist has no right to push a person into a frame. A psychologist provides an opportunity and helps a person find the right path that will develop a person as a person, and not aggravate the situation. If a psychologist imposes frames and stereotypes, not allowing you to choose – this is not a psychologist.

  3. Any attempt to systematize or classify a person is doomed to failure, because a person is broader than any of the systems.

    Adequate psychologists understand this, and for example, in the gestalt approach, the psychologist is more likely to guide the client through his personal maze, he helps, and does not push into the framework.

    Frames in any case, and your partner, mother, child, psychologist pushes you into them-this is not good, and rather anti-human .

  4. Psychologists act humanely and morally pushing “man” into the framework, since this is the framework of psychology, the science of the human psyche.

    The very concepts of “human-anti-human”, “moral-anti-moral”, “human-anti-human” are frames and at the same time with vague and relative boundaries.

    Some people have some boundaries, others have others, and still others do not realize their own boundaries at all and are not represented in a person's life.

    When you ask a question, you put your own feelings, thoughts, needs, and yourself as a person into the framework, first of all, of the Russian language, and then of your question. Are you acting morally or immorally? Human or anti-human?

    Depends on how you rate it.

    The framework is the human life, the human incarnation, and like every incarnation, the human incarnation has a form of existence, that is, the framework.

    And without a form and framework, nothing exists, including a person.

    And total freedom is freedom from one's own body and ultimately freedom from one's own being and one's own life, and that is death.

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