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  1. Yes, they do exist, and they really work long and hard on themselves.

    However, there were also millions of people with talent or dispositions who could not achieve anything either because of themselves or because of lack of opportunities.

    For every Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, there are millions of people who didn't succeed.

  2. In fact, the main secret of talented people is work, work and work again. Only years of experience can create such geniuses as Jobs, Gates, Mozart, Einstein, and so on.

    I highly recommend Gladwell's book Geniuses and Outsiders. He uses many examples to analyze the “luck” and “talent” of many great people, and then comes to the conclusion that what they are, they were made by practice and work on themselves

  3. At the same time, time and place also play a role. If Napoleon had been born half a century earlier, how would he have shown his talent as a commander? Eisenstein in the 19th century would have been known, at best, as a good draughtsman.

  4. I don't think so. This is 10 % talent and 90 % work on yourself. All those we know as talented people were terrible workaholics.

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