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  1. If you think from the point of view of biology, then communism, democracy, etc. is impossible. So far, man has not gone far from primates, and the effectiveness of society depends on a kick, that is, a dictatorship. No equality, nothing in common. Everyone says that they pursue good goals. But the result is the same. A person rises to power and tries to gain a foothold in cruel leadership ways

  2. This is exactly what Marx claimed. According to Marx, there are historical laws of social life, akin to the laws of physics, according to which communism is the final stage of human development. This opinion is shared by many modern followers of dialectical materialism.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to challenge this statement in any way, and it is also impossible to verify it. It's all about this little “sooner or later” amendment. So far, there have been no supporting examples, and the refuting ones are broken from the argument “this does not refute anything, since communism was expected not now, but in the vast future.”

    For example, if we define communism through the elimination of the concept of private property, then it was achieved in the USSR back in the 1920s-30s. Was this the final stage in the development of Soviet society, turning into a utopia? Obviously not, since it all ended with the collapse of the USSR and a return to capitalism. But Diamat's theorists will argue that nothing has really been completed, and the transition to communism is still ahead. It will take another hundred (two hundred, five hundred, thousand) years, and then communism will definitely come.

    Theories that can neither be confirmed nor refuted are considered anti-scientific in the modern world. “Unscientific” does not mean deliberately false, it means that the scientific method does not work with them, and we cannot yet verify them. We can only hope, believe and guess what will happen.

    Personally, I am not enthusiastic about diamat, but I want to believe that humanity is growing and developing, not only technologically, but also socially and philosophically. Will this lead to a “social system somewhat similar to communism”? Maybe. We'll wait and see.

  3. No, I don't agree. The idea of universal equality is contradicted by the very nature of man – his physiology, psyche. People are different, they want different things, they are interested in different things, they achieve their goals in different ways. Even in small groups, people tend to seek individualization rather than collectivization. In dormitories and communal apartments, everyone has their own things. In kindergarten, everyone has their own locker. And what fights in sandboxes because of shovels…

    Communism is possible only in a society of ” ideal people “(ideal in the understanding of the ideologists of communism). But “ideality” and sameness is a dead end and lack of development, so nature itself has programmed us not to allow universal sameness. As soon as the society around us becomes too “smooth”, there are nonconformists, rebels and freaks. This is a healthy society. The hypothetical society of” ideal people ” suitable for communism is a sick society.

  4. No, I don't think so. The idea of communism contradicts the psychology of man and his aspirations. We perceive happiness too differently. I will tell you about myself and you will understand why there will never be communism in the world.

    I had a friend at work. An Armenian. A very good man. He is like all Southerners for male dominance. He believes that the owner of the family is a man and his word is the main thing.

    I'm a Russian, raised by women. I'm all for female domination. A woman's word is Law.

    So I described my ideal family model to him. This is a family run by a woman, but this woman loves me so much that she takes on all my problems and solves them. That is, I am actually a woman's app. I perform only representative functions. And a woman is everything. It defines both my life and the life of my family.

    My friend dreams of all the same things, only he wants to suppress a woman in this way.

    And he told me the key phrase “What is Heaven for one is hell for the other.” I described to him my dream of a perfect family with a female owner and said that this is Paradise. For me, Paradise is life under the wing of a woman-Alix (wife of Nicholas II).

    And he tells me that what is Heaven for me is hell for him. He can't accept me for who I am. He is shocked that he is so ready to bend under a woman. He wants to control the woman and make all the decisions. Southern type of man.

    Remember this phrase. What is Heaven for me is hell for him. It is precisely because of this characteristic of the human psyche that communism is unattainable. Yes, there is something that everyone dreams of. Some basic comfort. BUT for one, the meaning of life is in power. A minimum of benefits is enough for another. Someone needs a Church, a religion, a philosophy. Some people like to make technical discoveries in the natural sciences.

    We're too different people. Some people like being a slave. Someone needs a host, or like me, a hostess. And someone is created to rule. And there is no other way. In the Middle Ages, they spoke correctlyEvery cricket, know your pole. This is golden folk wisdom. Society is beautiful precisely because we are all so different here.

    Therefore, communism will always develop into social inequality. There will be powerful people who will seize control of those who voluntarily want to be a slave. I would very much like the left to understand this. Not all people need equality. Not all people dream of living among equals. There are people who like to be slaves or masters. Of course, there are more of the latter.

    Not to mention the difference in interests, abilities, and opportunities. One person likes an active lifestyle, the other is a home child. One loves his dacha, the other needs a warm sea or ocean. What is communism in a society of people so different in their needs?

    We can talk about reducing social inequality and helping the poor. But it is absolutely impossible to achieve complete equality in everything.

    Because there are always people who don't need freedom, equality and fraternity. And we need a Master. Remember the movie “White Sun of the Desert”. How a communist “liberated” a female harem from its owner. And how the women did not know how they would live without a master. Marxists believed that if people were educated, they would not want to be slaves, but everyone would want equality. But that was also a mistake.

    Even smart people dream of a good Master. In fact, faith in God is built on this. God is our Master. Hence the word Lord. A master is one who is likened to the Lord. The Communists wanted to destroy the faith and suggest that there is no God. But the need for a Master is so great among the people that they have begun to deify the party and its leaders.

    There will never be communism in the world, because there are people who do not want equality, but want to live in a hierarchy. I'm one of those people. I hate the idea of equality. I only recognize hierarchy.

    I can't say I like being just a slave. I can also be a Master. Depends on the situation. But I can only say that I will always prefer a slave-master relationship to an equal relationship. And I'm not the only one.

    Equality disgusts me. There are exceptional cases when it is beneficial, but this is rare. So keep that in mind. Life is not as one-sided as it seems to someone. You can't think that everyone will think the way they think. Blank's main mistake was precisely that he thought that all people would believe in equality and Marxism, regardless of who they were. The main thing is to give them higher education and basic benefits.

    As a person who has a higher education and has basic goods and is looking for his Mistress, I must tell you that the way Blank thought is a way of thinking that is impossible for all people. Most people may think this way, but not all. Blank is a smart man, but he didn't take into account that there is a type of person who needs a Master. Who cannot live in any form of relationship other than slave-master.

    The Communists wanted there to be no such people. But this is not possible. These are the properties of the human psyche. In the USSR itself, there were many such people. They joined the CPSU, held high positions, and served the ideas of Blank as their Master.

    So study better the psychology of people. Some people are lifers by nature. They cannot live in a society of equals.

  5. “You always get what you want-sooner or later, one way or another… By the way, this is a very dangerous property” Max Fry

    “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” will not be.

    Since human needs tend to grow indefinitely.

    If we talk only about the needs of the “natural”, then you can assume that communism has long arrived. They won't let you starve to death.

  6. Certainly.

    If we formulate the communist idea very briefly and simplistically, then communism proclaims a person not as a consumer, but as a Person, a beautiful being, capable of many things, a creator. Capitalism, progressive for its time, has created ways to meet the needs of society, but it stands on the principle of do the most, maximize profits, maximize wages, maximize production. At some point, all this becomes unnecessary, and a person begins to understand that his life is not about making an extra million, but about being happy. And when everyone understands this, capitalism begins to crumble.

    Today there is such a funny moment-Western youth stop buying jewelry and expensive costumes. They just don't understand why. Today, there is a lot of talk about “Generation Z”, which, among other things, is not set up for profit at all costs; instead, they are happy to go to Africa as volunteers or help street cats.

    Marx simply described this moment logically, explaining that the system is beginning to collapse. And that's why the new system “will look like communism”

  7. When they started explaining to us in the second grade that we would live under communism, I immediately asked: “and who will do the dirty work?”
    So far, no one has given me a clear answer to this question. This was in 1958.

  8. DAYU was replaced by a” natural way”, changing, tribal formation of slave-owning, and that feudalism, and that-capitalism. As capitalism changes, it will also change, the law of social development

  9. Undoubtedly. Only communism cannot be introduced by force, no matter how many true Communards will undertake this work. And if these communards are also reborn in the course of their activities. The example of the USSR clearly showed this.

    Communism must grow in the souls of the people, and then it will win…

  10. It will certainly come, but not to such communism, which in the works of utopians, classical Marxism, the programs of the CPSU, and in the works of Western Sovietologists was actually equated with socialism. There were historical reasons for this confusion, which took a long time to explain. And our nation was also let down by the Russian language, in which the words “general” and” public ” have the same root. Meanwhile, in Latin, these are completely different words: communis – general, socialis – public. The very concept of communism is associated with communes – city-states of the Renaissance. They are characterized by a synthetic type of property: each citizen (the head of the family) has his own means of providing for his life (handicraft tools, land or circulating merchant capital), and the commune as a whole also has its own productive property, and conducts an effective economy to ensure public interests. Previously, this was the case in the classical ancient polis, and every educated person knows that these are the two brightest historical epochs. But, contrary to the ideas of Marxism, “even this moment cannot be stopped: one infinite change is eternal!”

  11. To answer this question, first you need to understand the train of thought of an educated communist. Contrary to the view that communists simply want freebies, or are simply not happy with the system, this is not true, the motives of communists are completely different. In Marxism, a significant role is played by the philosophy of historical materialism and dialectical materialism, according to which everything is in motion, existence itself is essentially a movement, constant, unstoppable. After accepting the fact that everything is in motion, it is concluded that society must also develop (here, of course, we confuse the concepts of movement and development, which is not entirely correct in philosophy, but for simplicity we will assume that movement is development), and therefore the current economic system – capitalism – will also become obsolete someday, and it will need to be replaced by something else. What's different? This is what many classic works are devoted to – capitalism will be replaced by its opposite – communism. To make this transition, there is socialism-a bridge between communist and capitalist society.

    To make the transition from capitalism to communism, one very important condition is required – the presence in capitalism of irrecoverable contradictions, and there is one – the nature of profit appropriation is private, and the nature of production is public, or more simply, half the city works in a factory, and the profit brought by this enterprise is appropriated by one person. However, in addition to the contradictions in capitalism itself, it should contain the beginnings of a new system, and they also exist – monopolies and large multinational companies that use planning (which will be under socialism, not under communism).

    Thus we see that the world will come to communism, because:

    1. Everything is in motion.
    2. Capitalism must develop into its opposite, communism
    3. At the moment, capitalism has outlived its usefulness, because it has created an insurmountable contradiction within itself
    4. Within capitalism, there are already the beginnings of a new system: partial planning and monopolies

    Therefore, the answer to your question should be a concise Yes.

  12. Yes, yes, and yes again. Not the communism that we knew – with the party, the hierarchy and its bosses, but with a fair distribution of goods, with new life values, with real equality, without “party equality” and other problems. This new system will come naturally, but first there will be the collapse of the Empire and the entire global financial system – an “earthquake”. This is stated in all the “religious” messages. The Mayan Cadendar does not point to the end of the world or the world, but to the end of the Age of Capitalism. This change of epochs was spoken of by soothsayers at different times. Mention of the white color-children of the white jaguar (children of indigo in the Maya), white plague (in Rasputin), white clothes (in the Bible), white brotherhood (in Vanga)-denoting purity, truth, equality and justice, to which people will begin to turn and follow these rules for real and build a new social society. And this will happen in this century. And it will start on the territory of Russia.

    About how the change will take place is written in the Apocalypse, in the Revelation of John the Theologian – he tells about events from the First World War (1914) to the present day. Today is the last phase-seven bowls of sores and the first bowl has already been spilled, this is today's financial crisis created by a fake pandemic.

    The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world, the most widely read, but the least understood. The Bible, the Koran, and the Torah are manifestos of the new communist Era. The Bible speaks of this change in many places and many times. Analysis of the text and events of the Apocalypse, the secret of the number of the beast 666, what is Jesus, who are the real Gentiles and other secrets in the book “The Right Bible”:


    Don't let the name confuse you. This is not a call to believe or go to church or join any sect. On the contrary, it is an attempt to open people's eyes to what is actually said in the Bible, to reveal the imagery and metaphor of its texts. The Bible does not describe a single ” miracle.” These are just metaphors, classified information.

    Vanga once said: “If you could read the Bible correctly, you would find a solution to all the problems…”. This book is just about how to read the Bible.

  13. The only option for this development is that machines will do everything for people. But given the speed of development of artificial intelligence, it seems to me that, having reached this level of development, machines will simply no longer need a person. They will design, manufacture and repair each other, develop the environment, and at the same time, they will be more efficient, and spending energy on maintaining the existence of unnecessary people will seem irrational to them. What will happen next, it is better not to think…

  14. Okay, I'll dream.�

    In the conditions of the modern information society, when production increases without human participation at all, it can be assumed that sooner or later humanity will find a way to fully automate the extraction of resources(including from other planets), the creation of goods and the provision of services.�

    It is very clear that employment will be minimal. Only a few professions will remain. I hasten to assume that they will work: lawyers, because disputes between people cannot be resolved with the help of devices. �Engineers who maintain equipment(and this is not a fact, because, perhaps, they will also automate this by creating auto repairs and the like). Live teachers, because the machine is not able to understand the teaching scheme(there are also doubts).

    There is no need to treat, put on shoes, dress, protect, build, therefore all people will be engaged in creativity, creation, well, or they will begin to destroy each other out of boredom.

  15. Do you agree with the statement that sooner or later the whole world will naturally come to a social system that will be somewhat similar to communism?

    As the answers show, such questions should be answered by people who are engaged in raising children in practice, ensuring their progressive, comprehensive and harmonious development. And on the basis of their answers, philosophers should already summarize and draw conclusions. And then everyone will be able to give an answer to the question posed to the best of their development. That's exactly what I want to suggest.

    Here's the first quote.

    “Meanwhile-INTELLIGENCE, THINKING, TALENT, HIGHER FEELINGS (SPIRITUALITY)…. as well as DEVELOPED SPEECH – these are the HIGHEST BRAIN FUNCTIONS that require the development and coordinated work of the THREE CORTICAL SYSTEMS!

    This is the brain of a MATERIALIST REALIST who can organize a communist society.”

    It was said above that: “The cortex of the human brain consists of THREE SYSTEMS… with a difference of education, I repeat, in hundreds of millions of years.

    The oldest and oldest cortex is the LIMBIC SYSTEM. From time to time, it went under the new bark.”

    And this suggests that the mind, since a person belongs to the Homo sapiens species-a REASONABLE PERSON, has a three-level system of both cortex and thinking, which from infancy must be developed comprehensively and in harmony and in accordance with gender and age as the body and brain grow materially, so that by the time of social maturity, society can receive a comprehensively and harmoniously developed personality, and a full-fledged and full-fledged citizen, and a free creative worker. At the same time, each hypostasis: A Person, a Citizen, a Worker – is important. It is important both for the individual and for society as a whole. For if a person is material, if he lives in the material world, then not just his existence, but a decent human existence is determined and ensured by his productive work to produce everything necessary for the full satisfaction of all his interests and needs. And since an individual is not able to provide for his existence, then it is in the course of evolution that he-Homo sapiens-is a REASONABLE PERSON, and followed the path of reason based on collectivism, etc. And then the public leadership is faced with the task of ensuring such a public order that would fully meet this task. And as a comparison of the socialist and liberal periods shows, we see that it is the socialist period that is preferable for the progressive development of a reasonable person, but the liberal one leads to his degradation on the basis of material and spiritual poverty. And here we come to the question: why did this happen? So why were the liberals in power?

    The answer is given by the following quote, although everything should be read, ” And a society that has two underdeveloped cortical systems is idealists. Today, almost everywhere – idealistic societies. ” That is, if instead of a comprehensive and harmonious correct education, education is limited, which leads to underdevelopment of the brain, and therefore thinking, then we get idealistic and pragmatic materialists who are able not to create, but to distribute and consume. And here the essence of the fact that after the Great October Socialist Revolution there was not only, as it should be, the destruction of the old violent state apparatus, but also a change of names is revealed. Therefore, the Soviet power is the power of the Soviets of Workers, and the apparatus is the People's Commissars. But then they brought back the old ministry and everything went back to normal. A fastidious reader will say that it hardly matters what and how to call it? Well, here's the term – ministry. But divide it into two-and you get a mini and an arrow. And then take the Ministry of Economy. And when you divide it up, you get the Ministry of economy, and in terms of living standards, etc., comparing the living standards under the Soviet government and under the liberal government, most of the Russians who found themselves in poverty will say that this is not a small, but a very large minority. Take the Ministry of Health. Who would be tempted to call it anything other than the Ministry of Education, and so on.And then we will turn to the next quote.

    “If the child does not have the initial EMOTIONAL and IMAGINATIVE development, then for the life of you, but it is impossible to show any abilities in him. It is impossible to interest him. He doesn't want to – he can't work in depth.” Probably, it is precisely from such people who are not able to work in depth, and even more so intelligently, that our ministries are being built, which you can't help but call large and very large departments. And what should I do? The answer is given by the following quote: “And if there is a base , then development is proceeding by leaps and bounds.

    If you properly develop children's brains-AN IMAGE, an EMOTION, A WORD-geniuses can be molded like pies. This is totally serious.”

    Therefore, the Soviet government, based on the dictatorship of the proletariat, set the task of creating the material and technical base of society both for building socialism and for the transition to communism. But the change in names, which reflect the change in content while maintaining the form, led to the fact that the government became bureaucratic, which led to the creation of an authoritarian-bureaucratic system and the dictatorship of the bureaucracy, which, contrary to the will of the People expressed in the Referendum, usurped power, shooting the First democratically elected Parliament together with the People who defended it. And this means that if under socialism, no matter how bad it is, etc., the power was popular and in the interests of the people, but after the liberal coup and the usurpation of power on the fascist model, it became anti-popular, which led to the Russian cross-impoverishment, degradation and extinction of the people, their debilitation, etc.

    Of course, this is more like emotions, so I suggest that you read it yourself, collect the necessary information, share it, discuss it and draw conclusions for the benefit and benefit of everyone. I wish you success in this!

  16. Not something, but communism itself will be. What is the source of all movement? Contradictions. All contradictions are subject to resolution. One of the opposing sides always wins. Communism is the most consistent structure of society. It started with him, and it will end with him.

  17. First the world came naturally to slavery, then it came naturally to feudalism, then it came naturally to capitalism, then it will come no less naturally to communism-then the prescriptive part of Marxism ends, but the history of mankind does not end. Unless, of course, we foolishly destroy ourselves.

  18. No. First, the surrounding landscape changes, the outlines of continents and the axis of inclination of the planet change, but the person does not change with centuries and millennia. That is, the nature of a person will never change (or what it changes will no longer be a person!) and consequently, the next experiment with “peaceful communism” will lead to the same results.

    Secondly, only natural phenomena characteristic of a certain environment can exist for a long time, and communism, as a way of existence of Society , is a natural phenomenon characteristic of war, large-scale natural and other disasters, but an attempt to tie “military redistribution” to peaceful life for a long time, when private initiative is prohibited, leads to what we saw perfectly well at the end of the USSR.

  19. I agree. But with an extension. For the smart and talented, for the best and creative, there will be capitalism in cities for the rich. For the rest – rural communities.

  20. Now it is difficult to say what the society will come to. I think it's important to look at the intervals here.

    If you look at the past. Then everything was always about the same, only the values were different. It was also under communism and the tsar, and Pushkin and in ancient Rome.

    Man alone is incapable of being a single organism. There are always happy and protesting people.

    If you impose on the age of mass informatization and Western left neo-Marxist propaganda. I think the next 100 years the world is waiting for a certain neo-fascism. For the future creation of society as a stupid mass, perceiving themselves as animals that engage in promiscuous relations and have a good Christian potential. Therefore, in this sense, it would be most logical to continue the policy of capitalism, where people will pay not for the possession of a thing, but for its use. I think the future will be all about subscriptions. As the current rent is. And there will be a subscription to the elevator. Subscribe to public transport. Subscribe to the ad ban feature.

    Subscription to use the extended functionality of the automotobil. Next, subscriptions for the use of the prosthesis. Subscription to a pacemaker and so on.

    Society as a whole is getting rough, looking for freedom in money. well, hypercorporations become monopolists. buying up all the big competitors.

  21. No, I don't agree. Evolution, as the negation of negation and the struggle of opposites of a single whole, cannot be undone. Competition in society, and inequality in abilities and opportunities, will not allow society to come to something similar to communism. It is only possible to improve the standard of living by reducing the cost of energy and increasing the technological efficiency and productivity of production.

  22. I agree.
    1) Problems of resource scarcity, overpopulation of the planet, which may require a reallocation of resources and a reduction in the consumption of goods.
    2) Modern economic systems are not perfect, and sooner or later society moves to something new. The market economy does not survive the problems that may arise in the distant future.
    3) Development of technologies that mechanize human labor. Jobs are being cut, and some professions are disappearing. Again, with the growth of the population, this can create monstrous unemployment (and no one will invent new professions just for the sake of employment of the population).
    4) The need for equality and justice – it is there. In developed countries, they are moving away from conservative traditions towards humanism. What was once a utopia can already be an everyday thing today. Election of a prezint for five years, and even a woman and someone with a non-noble background…In the Middle Ages, people would have died laughing at such a utopia…
    5) On the failure of the communist idea in the USSR and other countries:
    – there was no communism from the word at all, there were attempts to distribute resources and make life more fair. But it was rather state capitalism, with a bias towards socialism.
    – “Communism should come at once in all countries of the world”, and some decided that it can be built in individual countries (they say why wait, and so it will somehow come down).
    – Such “communism” should collapse by definition, just like a spaceship to Pluto. This may take centuries, not just a few five-year years of hard work.
    “Communism is still a theory. One of the likely options for the future. The theory itself is rational, but it is not possible to throw any canons on it. Just like with flights to distant planets-many believe that this is possible(in the future), but no scientist today can describe the technogy with which to do this, no one now can draw up drawings of the ship that will fly there, etc…Marx's writings are not specific instructions, they are only rough sketches of how the world will work in the future, just like the works of ancient Greek philosophers – they talked about democracy, but they had it in a raw form that does not really correspond to our modernity.

  23. The world in the foreseeable future, of course, will not come to any communism, because without any deep reasoning about the structure of the human brain, it is clear that we are practically no different in our habits and behavior from the ancient Greeks, well, except for more technical knowledge. And, if the psychology of people has not changed in 2000 years, then in the next 2000 years it will remain the same. But we do not have such a deadline, because it is clear to the naked eye that humanity is a transition stage to the civilization of artificial intelligence. Look around you. We are surrounded by a host of household appliances with artificial intelligence, still of varying degrees of development: from automatic teapots and irons, ending with supercomputers. Next up is a smart home and a lot of other smart things that we can't exist without. People communicate less and less with each other, and more and more with smartphones, and smartphones are the bridge through which artificial intelligence penetrates the human brain. At the same time, scientists are struggling to make it self-learning and independent of the will of people. And of course they will, most likely by the end of this century. A little more and all this “hardware” with software will learn to do without people, and it will not happen in a leap like in the movie about the terminator, the bell will not ring, but quietly, imperceptibly (that's why he is the intellect, not the human brain ), suddenly it turns out that we will have to do what we don't want, and otherwise we will be pushed out of civilization, for example, we will not be able to enter the house, we will stay on the street in the cold, without food and water, etc.-a person.

  24. No. I admit that sooner or later everyone on the planet will be fed and washed, but no one will ever let anyone into real power, real means of production, real property for nothing.

  25. Topic 6

    Toretic system.


    Communism is not a Socio-economic formation: Savagery, Barbarism, Primitive communal SYSTEM, Feudal SYSTEM, Monarchical SYSTEM, Capitalist SYSTEM, Socialist SYSTEM.

    The communist SYSTEM cannot and will not exist.

    The communist system is all nonsense.

    Scientific Communism is the DOCTRINE of the complete absence of SYSTEMS in the future human society.

    Scientific Communism is the DOCTRINE (Selective use of laws from different sciences) that the Capitalist SYSTEM is NOT the final, highest, unshakable form (SYSTEM, SYSTEM) of relations between people in the process of production and distribution of material and spiritual goods.

    Communism in a single country is NONSENSE.

    Everyone who starts talking about COMMUNISM immediately puts consumption as the basis of relationships between people. This is unavoidable and leads everyone to an unsolvable impasse.

    When different “Thinkers” talk about the needs and distributions of something consumed there, they do not understand and do not take into account the fact that LABOR is also one of the most important components of” Desired Consumption ” along with food, clothing, etc.

    COMMUNISM is a community of people in which each member of this COMMUNITY has UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES FOR SELF-REALIZATION.

    The final version.


    The person WHO CREATES AND CREATES is immeasurably happier than the person WHO CONSUMES.

    No matter how thirsty you are, when you're drunk, you forget about it.

    No matter how much you adore balyk and black caviar, when you are full, you “Fall off like a pumped-up bug”.

    No matter how much you “love WOMEN”, you will still need a BREAK.

    Creativity and creation is a continuous and lifelong process.



  26. The question was posed incorrectly. There are two concepts in the question that require the definition of ” communism “and”natural”. This question is like a single equation with two unknowns, and such equations have an infinite set of solutions and are therefore called indeterminate. We will assume that communism is a paradise on earth. But what is the “natural” way? I guess that means: “God forbid, but not the revolution!” Marx, on the other hand, considered revolution to be the natural engine of history.

  27. No, I don't agree . The past does not return and this is a fact that cannot be disputed. Communism already existed and ended when people began to live not in caves as a social system, but began to build houses and cities. Private property appeared. In the process of evolution and acquired life experience, man has become much smarter and more sophisticated to act in terms of dominating others in political and property accumulation, and it will only get worse in the flesh until the complete destruction of all mankind.

  28. I agree! I don't think there's much time left to wait…Our 5th civilization will move to the 6th, which will be called the Spirit Race, and this will be the Golden Age that many predicted..

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