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  1. There is no strict definition of the soul, so there can be no definite answer to this question. Moreover, let me remind you that at one time the Pope issued a special bull stating that the Indians have a soul, that is, their oppressors at that time had doubts about this. wikipedia.org

    Different religions and different philosophical schools understand the soul differently, if the soul is connected to the nervous system (which allows you to feel, and not react mechanically), then amoebas, viruses, DNA and a calculator do not have it.

  2. Since the very definition of a soul refers to a person, let's assume that the answers to the first two questions are obvious.

    As for animals, I can refer to the catechism of Father Alexander of Tian-Shan, which says that animals have a soul, but no spirit. I agree with this statement, since the soul in most cases is understood as a set of emotions, and the spirit – as the desire to improve one's own personality.

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