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  1. Of course it does, especially if you use a gas stove. And also, if there have already been precedents of fire either in the house where you live, or in your former homes with your participation or with the participation of your household. The fire extinguisher is not so expensive, and the benefits from it are many times more than from the so-called folk remedies. Moreover, during a fire, there is a high probability of panic, and you will spend precious time thinking about how to extinguish the fire. Put a fire extinguisher at the front door, so you will always know where it is, in addition, you will be able to react faster to help extinguish it in the common corridor, or in neighboring apartments.

  2. In the apartment, it is best to put a flexible hose with the ability to quickly attach it to the water supply. The length of such a hose should be sufficient to reach from any connection point to any point in the apartment. (Do not count on the fact that you will “get” a long jet)
    In modern homes, such a mini-fire hose is already included.
    The fire extinguisher has an expiration date, after which it must be recharged, and some simply change to new ones. Also, the fire extinguisher has a limited service life in terms of time (on average: the volume of the fire extinguisher X 2 = seconds of operation)
    The only advantage of a fire extinguisher over water is that some types allow you to extinguish electrical appliances without turning off the electricity. But in the event of a fire and a short circuit ,the ” plugs “(automatic devices, RCD) will most likely turn off themselves, or you will turn them off before extinguishing them with water.

  3. Of course, it is worth it, since at the moment our houses are simply stuffed with electrical wiring and electronics, and this increases the likelihood of a short circuit with a fire, and such a hearth cannot be extinguished with improvised means (for example, water). It is useful if an elderly person lives in the house, it will greatly facilitate his plan of action (very often old people start trying to somehow fight the fire, do not evaluate their strength and die). I want to note that fire extinguishers are very easy to use and a child can cope with it, of course, if he is instructed at least once. Ideally, they should be placed in every room, or at least in the kitchen and hallway, and, of course, show each family member where they all stand. There are very compact fire extinguishers that are conveniently hidden (from the eyes, but not from memory) behind corners, doors. Prices for fire extinguishers start from 300 rubles, which is clearly cheaper than your property and the health of your loved ones.

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