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  1. No, at the present stage of society's development, there are more than enough religions, as well as their opposites: atheism, Eastern philosophy, mysticism, and so on. And it is basically unrealistic to gather such different personalities that modernity has generated under a common idea

  2. Any religion is a system of ideas about God. These representations are rather approximate. Absolutely accurate representations can not be just as it is impossible to absolutely accurately measure any line segment, that is, to determine the distance between two points. The Orthodox Church has the most accurate idea of God. This is confirmed by the descent of the Holy Fire on the eve of Orthodox Easter and only through the prayer of an Orthodox priest. All other faiths and their confessions are rejected by God. According to the prophecies of the Orthodox fathers, a global religion will appear as a milestone of the approaching end of the world and the current civilization, and if it is not Orthodox, then the end of civilization is inevitable immediately after the establishment of a single religion and a single, global state.

  3. Religion is a simple way to explain the causes of events and patterns of behavior. Our predisposition to them is laid down by our upbringing and indifference (Why does the plane fly? – Because) or the desire to calm down (Do not shout, otherwise babaika will come). And if mythological consciousness is normal for children (since in social terms the development of an individual repeats evolutionary development), then fixing this consciousness can already be a pedagogical mistake. Anyway, the average modern person lives in some mixture of superstition, Easter, Christmas, the danger of reptilians and healing dietary supplements.

    In theory, with our level of development of science and secular morality, religion has lost its explanatory and controlling functions. But this is not the case. Most people simply don't know how to verify the accuracy of information and are not eager to learn something new. It takes a lot more effort just to believe. As a result, it is not enough just to move science, but also to change educational and social processes that will make ordinary people closer to it.

  4. I don't know if you can call it a religion, but modern society clearly needs more tolerance. These days, many different people are forced to interact with each other. And if we can't always accept people who are different from us, we should at least learn to turn a blind eye to differences. This would allow many people to live for themselves and not interfere with the lives of others.

    In general, in some arguments about what would happen if there were no religion, scientists hypothesize that a world without the existence of religion is not possible. Because religion was invented to control society. I, on the other hand, tend to believe that humanity can hold the bar of morality without a certain amount of intimidation.

  5. Perhaps, in developed countries, a religion based on personal growth, finding one's creative potential and becoming a successful person could be successful. Only the necessity of this religion is doubtful.

  6. The desire to decide something for society, what it needs and what it doesn't need, betrays in modern society the state of the old society with all its totalitarian beauties and claims to truth in ideology.

    Religion is not ” belief in something beyond the grave.” You can believe in anything and not belong to any religion. Religion is a formalized faith (dogmatics, relationships, activities, organization). Just a belief in something otherworldly may not have all this. For example, tour guides are probably well aware of the mass and never-dying tradition of throwing coins into fountains to return. Hang locks and chains on bridges. Nothing rational justifies such actions. I understand the objection that these are just symbolic actions. However, religious actions of the majority are also symbolic actions. I see no reason why, while some symbolic actions flourish, other symbolic actions should quickly disappear.

    The reducibility of consciousness to physiology has not been established scientifically, and there is no strict definition of consciousness. Therefore, of course, there is still a place for faith. The basic, most ancient thesis of faith is that my body is not equal to my “I”. This belief may not be expressed explicitly, but on the contrary, it may be well thought out and framed. In particular, very serious people can also believe msk.ru 🙂

    Yes, the general trend with the growing well-being and well-being of society is the growth of individualism (no one really needs someone else's help) and, of course, the decline in the role of any public institutions. Including religion.

    In this regard, we are pleased with the optimism of people who think that the well-being of society will continue to grow, “and in 1980 we will be shown the last priest.”

  7. The global religion of consumption already exists and is actively developing, taking on more and more new forms in each new generation. Games the answer to this question is contained in the published last month, the clip and the song “Prayer” of the group Leningrad: youtube.com the song in particular provided a great review, which allows you to better understand what is happening in the music and on the screen, I don't know who wrote this text, the Cord, or someone from the St. Petersburg art critics, however, let me quote it here as quotes:

    There is an interesting version according to which Alexey Tolstoy, making a Russian translation of the fairy tale about Pinocchio, settled his scores with symbolism.

    Based on the Italian fairy tale by Carlo Colloidi, the red count skillfully incorporated the friends of his youth into the reality of this fairy tale. In the image of Pierrot, he showed Alexander Blok, Karabas-Barabas was Vsevolod Meyerhold, and the collision itself with the search for the mysterious Golden Key that opens the painted door perfectly characterizes all the decadent hopes of symbolism, which saw in the aesthetic world they themselves invented the only salvation – escape from reality.

    Such beautiful and artificial symbolists saw God.

    “In a scarlet crown of roses”, and not in a terrible crown of thorns.

    In the 90s, the Land of Fools from the Golden Key became the most popular metaphor for life in Russia. Basilio's cats and Alice's Foxes of various stripes came to the forefront, the population was divided into suckers and crooks, those who were able to fool, and those who could not be fooled. After many years, it is absolutely clear that Pinocchio and his friends won, our reality is no longer the Land of Fools, we found the golden key and got into the painted theater in Papa Carlo's closet.

    Drawn with Instagram filters and lipstick, stories about a beautiful life and sweet dreams.

    Symbolism has become a reality. Now everyone has it on Instagram. Painted success, painted smokey ice makeup, painted breast size.

    Artemon Theater, Malvin and Pierrot without Karabas-Barabas.

    Own a beautiful theater.

    In his poem ” Prayer” Alexander Blok repeatedly appeals to his beautiful lady: Go to sleep!

    “Go to sleep. May your sleep be peaceful. I'm praying. I listen with my breath.”

    Because only in a dream is this painted happiness. And who else can Blok turn to if there is no God in this symbolic world?

    God is just, God the Father is not possible here, because flight here is salvation from him, from his punishments.

    A suffering and forgiving God is also not possible here. For there is no suffering. Only beauty and success.

    But according to Kant, God always exists and lives in man as an awareness of the absolute. And only from this absolute can you ask for your symbolic absolute: a richer guy, a car, an apartment.

    Everything that you can take a picture of and upload to your Instagram drawn theater.

    God doesn't hear it.

    This is heard by the demon who carries the heroine of this song high in the sky, in another Blokov poem, to the painted theater.

    Trembling with fear and powerlessness,

    Then you will whisper: let go…

    And spreading her wings softly,

    I'll smile at you: fly.

    And under the divine smile

    Being destroyed on the fly,

    You will fly like a shaky stone,

    Into the shining void…

  8. In religion, as a belief in something otherworldly, modern society does not need, because since it is modern and educated, it knows where religion and belief in paranormal phenomena came from in general, and it will not believe in this religion. However, you can create an anti-religion that makes fun of conformism and traditional beliefs, for example, the macaroni monster, formally it is no worse than any god, but it is almost obvious to everyone that it can not be, so the religion is desacralized, and this is very good.

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