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  1. Let's break down your question into several clarifying ones.�

    1. Why does Russia need the Church?

    2. What is the Church in this case?�

    3. What is Russia in this case?�

    Whether Russia needs the Church as what the president called a “spiritual bond” – yes, perhaps. In this case, the Church is understood as a certain public authority in the field of morality and culture.�

    On the other hand, the benefits of the Church for the state are not obvious. All sorts of inconvenient questions may come up, such as the fact that the Church does not always go hand in hand with the state. This is us now, after the Soviet Union, intimidated, and during the Old Believers ' schism, the Church gave the state a light both at the level of ordinary believers and from the hierarchy.

    Again, the Church is the oldest public (and not only religious) institution in Russia, more than a thousand years old. The Church is a more or less continuous tradition of charity and education (for example, in some regions the Church has contributed to the development and preservation of national languages). Russia needs this.�

    Is it possible in our time to do without the Church in these matters? Yes, please, as much as you want. Now there are many forms of social solidarity that are not religious.�

    And here we are faced with a third question. What is Russia? Russia is primarily about people. And people have spiritual needs. Their interests are connected with their involvement in religious life. Traditionally (I will not rely on dogmatics now – I will only talk about tradition), it is the Church that offers such a system.

  2. In order to answer this question, you need to understand what the Church is for in general.

    I will only consider the Russian Orthodox Church, because the question is about Russia.

    Russia needs the Church, because Russia is not only the territory of the Russian Federation, but also its foundation – the Russian People.

    The Church was created for the salvation of human Souls, only those people among the People who recognize the presence of a Soul in a person.

    For others, the Church has always been something incomprehensible, that is, an unnecessary phenomenon.

    Therefore, why shouldn't the Russian Orthodox Church exist if it helps those who turn to it and who receive relief from their suffering?

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