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  1. Based on the fact that the “idea” itself, as I understand it, is a human idea of what “here and now – there is no, but it would be good if it still existed…” – the very phrase “idea of humanity” looks absurd, because non – humans have no ideas to come from…

    And in general, ideas do not actually exist, but are somehow presented and, if possible, implemented:

    there are technical ideas, such as” it would be good for people to fly faster than birds”, or “it would be good not to” fill” guns before each shot, but to have ready – made cartridges and shoot in bursts… “- which after their implementation lose the status of” ideas”, and there are ideas that are inescapable, such as”it would be good if everyone was happy with everything”…

  2. Rather than an idea, it's a goal. Mikhail Iosifovich Weller, our Everything is in philosophy, believes �(and here I probably agree with him ) what is most likely the main goal of humanity is the future global transformation of the universe. m. b. through the Big Bang. Technical progress will help us. This is neither good nor bad. This is imho a given. A gift from the universe. Read Weller, think and we will be happy:)))

  3. Interesting question. Let's define the terms.

    An idea (other-Greek ἰδαα — appearance, appearance, form, prototype) in a broad sense is a mental prototype of an action, object, phenomenon, principle, highlighting its main, main and essential features.

    Humanity is the totality of all people who have ever inhabited the world. Sometimes the term “humanity” refers to the totality of currently living people. Due to the high level of social development, anthropological differences between humans are supplemented by cultural ones (to a much greater extent than in other social animals). Humanity is inextricably linked to the culture created throughout the entire time of human existence.

    So let's find out what we are so good at. The main thing is adaptability(survival), and an additional one is the ability to cooperate and, as a result, create a culture.

    So приспособ adaptability and cooperation. That's exactly what we've been doing all this time, and we're doing it almost better than any other species on the planet.

    Well, the accumulation of knowledge, it is worth adding. Without it, we would still be sitting in the trees.

    Conclusion: the idea of humanity is adaptability through cooperation and accumulation of knowledge.

    With the help of this, we have survived, flourished and will also conquer the cosmos.

    Per aspera ad astra.

  4. From the text of the question, it is not clear what the author meant: the idea of humanity as its kind of prototype of thoughts, or humanity itself as the idea of God, which is much closer to philosophy, to Plato's theory of ideas. According to Plato, God is the creator of the earthly world, creating all things according to his ideas, by which he understands the whole set of properties of each individual thing in the form of a disembodied image. I.e., the idea of humanity is, as is the idea of a chair. But, if you look deeper, the question arises, what is this idea and whether humanity corresponds to this idea…

  5. The idea of humanity exists, and in different versions. Why not? Just like any other idea. (We will immediately make a reservation that the idea exists differently than the table exists, for example, i.e. not as a thing).

    The question is whether the humanity that this idea expresses exists.

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