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  1. There is ALREADY a huge body of serious scientific, philosophical, religious arguments and facts (direct and indirect) in favor of the principle “life is a multi-part film”.

    The simplest fact is that Nature is not so stupid and energetically wasteful as to create a meaningless, one-time, short-lived little man – man is a long-term, promising project of Nature.

  2. Due to subjective reasons, the stories of eyewitnesses who survived clinical death, coming out of the body and dialogue with Higher forces,

    exclude the possibility to provide photos or videos

    to confirm what happened to them.

    Due to subjective reasons, many people are deprived of sufficient information.

    the sensitivity of the soul and mind to catch the breath of the subtle worlds.

    And everyone is attached to their own opinion just out of habit

    think linearly, stay in your comfort zone. It's easier to live that way.

  3. Moving further and further along the vector of the objectification that you are talking about, a person does not have confidence in anything and if a person of such an objectification betrays himself, he will say in his heart “I did not see either the sphere of the earth or the corpuscles, how can I be sure” and plunges into all possible phobias to extreme manifestations such as aharo or klau separating himself by doubt , But there is a poor objectification , or you probably will be more clear healthy or sane.

  4. .. according to the Bible, there are those who are not assigned eternal life, and there is not much of God in them; hence their confidence in the absence of (for them) eternal life, which is absolutely true for them.

    And there are some who are prepared for Eternal life-hence their absolute certainty of Eternal life; and this is also their absolute truth in it.

    … I'll add it:

    those interested can watch videos that will complement the statement of “Konstantin Subbotkin”.:

    3) “Russians-after the 'Second' Coming of Christ. And in the Bible, God does not say anything about the future of the Russians.”


    The term “Second” – coming, took in quotation marks, because at the first coming that Jesus was not anointed king. Accordingly, He is not the Christ.

    The “second” coming is the first coming of the real Christ. With this – people associate the “end of the world”. This is where people's comments and interpretations end. And in the Bible, God does not say anything about the future of the Russians.

    Will the history of the Russians end there?!

    Watch the video, listen to the explanation of the great future of the Russians. And why it is – “the future of Russians” – great.

    4) Who you are to God. Find out without priests-right now. Video 1. https://youtu.be/ANC79oUXc4E

    5) Who you are to God. Find out without priests-right now. Video 2. https://youtu.be/zBSz90ElbaU

    6) Only the Russians were called his people by God. Here is a link to His words. Video #3.


  5. I don't want to sound arrogant, but people are often easily seduced by simple answers to difficult (or objectively unsolvable) questions. Here, living conditions also play a role – in beliefs, a person seeks salvation from hardships. All religions rationalize certain sufferings, i.e. beautifully convince us that they have a higher meaning. Others are indelibly impressed by some experience, such as a clinical death (either from their own or from the stories of others), a hallucination, or just a vivid dream in which a person saw a “prophecy”. Coincidences between images in a dream and events in the real world (prophetic dreams) also become indisputable subjective evidence for a person. At the same time, hundreds of other dreams are forgotten, in which there were no “omens”.

    Uncompromising atheism (in this case, I contrast it with agnosticism and skepticism) works in much the same way, only “from the opposite”, most likely as a reaction to the religiosity of others. And since our attention and perception are selective – we always have a “reliable basis” for our judgments, which often consists in simply ignoring other arguments if there is no way or desire to refute them.

  6. Atheists are not against the idea of reason. Or the intelligent beginning of the universe. But against a person who tells them how to live their lives.
    Secondly, they think that if there were a God and angels, they would have to save everyone from troubles and dangers, take care of them like parents and distribute money. And most importantly, they would beat on the hands of thieves and on the lips of abusers.
    The idea of a God who doesn't care about stupid people contradicts their ideas. Why create a world when it was abandoned or abandoned? And why let evil be. And then there's the idea of a punishing, cruel God poisoning bad people to hell. This is illogical for them. If you have made people stupid apes, you must suffer with them. In general, for an atheist, in short, God is like a mad master who doesn't care. Or as a villain and tormentor. For an atheist, God is also the creator of all bad things, all vices. It is already a pleasure to criticize and blame. Yes, and bosses, parents, authorities. And God even more so. For example, people get sick. They become disabled. They are born freaks. Who is to blame for this? For atheists, this is all God's fault. Even in accidents, theft, and floods, God is to blame. And they understand that if they had the power of God, they would have a perfect order. Like a zoo, like a prison. Iron order and perfect peace. Like a toy town. As a result, as you can see, atheists are like small children. Naive, cruel, and unable to accept the world and nature and man as they are

  7. Believers have, for example, comments from people who “returned” from the other world, and it seems to me that all this information from such people simply cannot be ignored, there is too much of this information.

    There is nothing much to say about atheists, I think they don't believe simply because they don't want to believe.

  8. Interesting question. I don't know how others are, but I believe that… there is no life after death as such. And the answer to these questions must be sought in religions. And in all of them, not just one. I thought about it one evening and came to certain conclusions. I'll try to describe it. I've heard somewhere ( I don't remember where) that space is an information field that accumulates information flows and keeps them in itself. Something similar is described in the BSE (see Noosphere). Otherwise, how to describe the behavior of a novice skydiver who is entangled in the slings of the main parachute. Instead of panicking, he took out a knife and cut the useless slings and opened the spare parachute. An ordinary person in this situation would just shit himself (excuse me), and this one reacted adequately to an emergency situation. Or how a mother finds out about the death of her son on the other side of the world. I have only one answer – this is all the connection with the information field. Apparently, in an extreme situation, the human brain can connect to this field and get the necessary information. Only it is done on an unconscious level and the person himself does not direct this process. Then unconsciously performs certain command sequences of the subconscious. Next, we look at religions. Hell and heaven are almost everywhere. Rebirth only in Buddhism and Judaism can still be somewhere else. If you merge all religions into one, it turns out that a person is just a flash drive with information. A person spends his whole life collecting information and transferring it to the info field. Conclusion – the human soul is pure energy. During its lifetime, energy gains information, positive or negative. Heaven or hell is determined for this energy entity by the charge potential. This is very interestingly described by Livadny in ” Expansion. Stories of the Galaxy ” It described crystals that give eternal life to the consciousness of a chela after death. But how consciousness will react to such an environment is unknown. Some washed themselves, others accepted their past and lived happily ever after. But the meaning is the same, the soul remembers and knows everything. And this memory of a past life is the information transferred to the info field. Probably all that I wanted to say, I'm waiting for criticism. I haven't fully thought of the idea yet, but I can discuss it.

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