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  1. Completeness to completeness discord. An example of “Comedy woman”, there are different types of women in the group. There are bright actresses and they are far from the standards. Queens are simple. Well-groomed and sexy.

    There are now films as training sessions. Not the love of the main character for herself, allegedly because of her fullness, and suddenly she starts positioning herself with the same figure as a beauty, and the world has no choice but to agree with her.

    In our time, the most important thing is individuality, and whether you are full or slim, it does not matter what vibrations you emit.

    But a fat guy is a disaster. Complete-nedosamets. Who needs it like this?

  2. For some men, fullness is disgusting, for others-the standard of beauty, while others do not attach special importance to the girl's figure.
    To put it crudely, someone wants a full girl, someone will not touch her with a finger. It all depends on the person himself, his preferences, views on “beauty”, etc. �
    � With any physique, it is important to remain yourself and not complex. Confident girls who take care of themselves and take care of themselves will definitely attract the attention of men.

  3. It depends on the nature of the fullness spread throughout the body. If you look from the point of view of evolution, fullness attracts men, because it indicates good health and a high potential for childbearing. And in society, ladies with impressive buttocks are now valued, also not skinny. In short, “full” is a very vague concept, so it is impossible to answer objectively. Anorexic woman is unlikely to interest the average man, but cellulite is not particularly admired. Everything is good in moderation.
    In general, to each his own 🙂

  4. the point is not so much in weight, but how much in grooming. Most often, it happens that a girl with fullness does not follow herself, (although this also happens with thin people )
    . in general, be neat and everything is ok.

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