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  1. Right! Not only that, God couldn't help but know. He also planted a tree for man. Adam is the son of God, a pure spirit who knows neither good nor evil. In short, unconscious, but with the presence of free will. What kind of development has God prepared for his child? If there was no tree, there would be no tree. Adam would have remained an eternally unconscious and ignorant infant. Did God want such a son?

    By ordering the prohibition of tasting fruits, God simply awakened man's own will. And the serpent, that symbol of wisdom, would not have been able to utter a single word in Eden without God's knowledge. He had a mission to push, to awaken Adam's will, to make it manifest.

    Everything is planned. And now that Adam has made up his mind, God has not kicked him out, but sent him on the road to get much-needed experience and knowledge on earth. “Made him and Eve garments of leather” – that is, gave them physical bodies that no one in Eden had.

    This is also a strong simplification, but it is necessary for the average person who thinks independently to understand that the theological explanation of original sin is nothing more than 1. Profanation of true anthropogenesis ( literal reading of texts that are highly symbolic and allegorical). 2. A method of “enslaving” the souls of the faithful, keeping them in a state of eternal guilt. For the Church, this is an ideal field for power.

  2. I've come across an interesting take on this question.

    According to a religious scholar friend of mine, the tragedy was not that Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, but that they refused to admit their guilt.

    Adam said, ” Eve gave me fruit!”

    Eve said: “The serpent convinced me to pluck the fruit!”

    And with this shift of responsibility, they disappointed the Lord, who, according to the Old Testament, although not yet forgiving, was still God, and knew that the fruit would be plucked one way or another.

    Religious myths, like history, of course do not have a subjunctive mood, but maybe if Adam and Eve had confessed, the outcome would have been different-God would have forgiven them. Or, for example, Adam would say, ” I ripped it off, so what?!” “then it would be even more interesting.”

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