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  1. Well yes. Here is not even the most up-to-date monograph by Vern Grant “The evolutionary process“. �Here is a modern introductory lecture�St. Petersburg Medical University. If you suddenly start reading it, you will realize that all this is purely religious propaganda cliches-they say that nothing has been proven, that Darwin was wrong, that creationism and evolutionism are equal as theories, etc. The modern synthetic theory of evolution develops quite separately from these debates in the press and has long since proved all its basic propositions to everyone.

  2. This possibility has already been proven by theorists. The reality of speciation has been proven by many experiments that have led to reproductive isolation. This was also observed in nature. Take the basement mosquitoes, for example. Look at the dogs. Some breeds just can't breed with each other. And anatomically, they generally differ at the level of different families. There are still examples of instant (but rare!) speciation by polyploidization during plant hybridization.

  3. You will prove the appearance of bats. These are bats and dogs. Well, how do you think this wing developed in a mammal? After all, evolution is called the preservation and transmission of offspring of useful mutations that contribute to survival. A wing is only useful when it is there and when it is a wing. When it has a webbed paw – as one might imagine – that interferes with walking, it is not a useful mutation, and such a deformity does not contribute to survival, but only hinders. And what could have triggered such a mutation? After all, its purpose – the wing-should have been determined in advance, for tens of thousands of years. Determined by whom?.. Or here's a beaver. How did the beaver learn to build a dam? What kind of evolution is this, what kind of mutations are these? Why do beavers around the world know how to build a dam? How did the beaver come to this? A dam – it only makes sense when it's complete. The theory that the ancestor of the beaver laid one branch, its descendant – two, and the descendant of the descendant-three bitches together… This theory is absurd. The dam is either there or it is not. The bat is either bat-like or crippled and easy prey for any jackal.

  4. A person is the very “proof”! 🙂

    Only this species was able to begin to understand the nature of the universe and its own.

    What does the author consider a “new species”? Will a poodle do?”

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