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  1. Just as” driving a car ” is not knowledge, so philosophy is not knowledge, but a skill. This skill allows you to live your own life, not an imposed one. If the “dignity of existence” (Merab Mamardashvili) has awakened in you and you want to live as you understand it, then only philosophy will help you. Only.

  2. Philosophical classical unadapted knowledge is of little use for beginners (and even sometimes harmful).

    Example – if Someone continuously read something philosophical for 5 days, it does not mean that he understood this philosophical adequately and usefully. The Master can retell this very text in 5 minutes-very simply, usefully, and effectively. The conclusions are obvious.

  3. Philosophy is a priori non-utilitarian. It is always the answer to the questions ” What?” and ” Who?”, or questions looking for meaning and reasons: “Why?”, ” Why?”… But when the answer to the question “How?” or “In what way?” makes itself felt, then science begins…

    The meaning of science is precisely in its utilitarianism. The meaning of philosophy is to be aware of the starry sky above our heads, to understand what is and isn't in our hands, and to whom these hands belong.

    The meaning of philosophy is in abstracting, in clarifying the meaning, in understanding the dots and ellipses of meaning, in the focus of meaning…

    Philosophy sets a vector, a reference point, it is a compass for thinking, allowing you to see the Meaning behind the arrows of meanings that cannot be used in any way… Moreover, if any meaning can be used, it is simply a glimpse of the real Meaning. The present Meaning does not need to be useful, since it is already a Benefit with a capital letter in itself. I.e., a benefit that is the Grain of any benefit…

    The medieval philosopher al-Farabi was once asked what is the meaning of an apple? And the old man immediately replied that the meaning of the apple is in its seed.

    Philosophy is the seed. Science is apple pulp, structured pulp.

    Philosophy is the point, the center. Science is a sphere.

    Philosophy is brutality, space… Science is an organism of space.

    Philosophy is eternity and the brow is fixed on it.

    Science is time and the discrete logic of understanding.

    Sometimes science flows into philosophy. Sometimes philosophy is transformed into science.�

    Philosophy cannot be studied-it must be comprehended, overtaken by micro-insights.

    It gives you nothing but peace of mind, an understanding of who you are.

    It helps to see the fluctuating web of meanings in the daily routine of being, helps to be a person with a brow, with eternity in the soul.

    Thinking about yourself is slowly turning into one big Question… He has no more answers, no more questions, but only one Question…�

    So philosophy can be used… very much possible… Simply, if you want to turn into a big Question, then start… But no one can guarantee that there is an answer to this Question…

    Our human dichotomies are so beautiful! Philosophy generates the aesthetics of being. Philosophy gives you a sense of beauty. Ethics is the beauty of correctness.

    Every time you have a sense of beauty, you become a philosopher for that moment, a real philosopher.

  4. In this regard, there is a quote that belongs to Abdusalam Huseynov, Doctor of Philosophy.�

    Philosophy should be studied for the same reason that a person thinks at all. The main value of philosophy is that it teaches you to think. What it means to think and how to think correctly, how to connect one thing with another, how to live with dignity — people who turn to the study of philosophy or at least are interested in it are trying to find answers to these questions. You know, this question is akin to, for example, why people sing songs. Or they laugh. It helps them live, and live better. Philosophy should be studied in the same way. A thinking person cannot do without philosophy.

    I'll decipher it for those who don't understand. The principles are the same everywhere, you just need to call a spade a spade correctly.

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