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  1. Philosophy is not for everyone. Why? There is no discrimination or snobbish exclusion from the “uninitiated”. Philosophy is necessary for those who somehow already began to ask questions related to philosophy. Even in an inadequate, not very accurate form. But I began to wonder. These questions really interest and excite you. You ask yourself these questions. All such questions boil down to one thing: “why is there something, and not vice versa nothing? (how is this possible?) “. This implies that there should be: chaos (entropy), destruction; quarrels and misunderstandings; destruction of society and your life, destruction of nature and thoughts (understatement, lack of thought). But there are lacunae of order: the idea is thought out, relationships are not destroyed, nature does not get dirty, life is lived with dignity. How is this possible? And here is the answer (clarification) to this (in various forms) question and philosophy is useful. After all, the answer is not just verbal. It opens up (in reality) the prospects of your life.

  2. For 30 years I have been painfully “playing” with Hegel's dialectic. And here is an example:

    aspirin and the revolution in Russia; aspirin and excess mortality from smoking

    “Spanish flu”; aspirin and other NSAIDs and lung regeneration disorders-

    excess mortality from coronavirus; immunosuppression of today's life and cancer, diseases of civilization; changes in diet and

    prevention of the coronavirus epidemic, etc.

  3. “Let's add that modern philosophy — which is confirmed on a daily basis-is addressed and addressed to women. One might even suspect philosophy — including mine-that as a discourse it is largely guided by the strategy of seduction.” Bucket

  4. Intimacy and communication with the greatest minds of civilization. By reading them, you will be in constant conversation with them. Enjoy trying to challenge their positions. This means that they only wrote for you.

  5. Philosophy is the search for the most adequate generalized model for objective reality or its parts. The more accurately our worldview reflects objective reality, the more effective our actions are. So, at the heart of any science is a philosophical foundation. Philosophers express basic ideas, scientists develop these ideas and apply them at the level of new technologies.

    The very organization of society is impossible without philosophy. The philosophical model of “people and non-people” gave rise to the slave-owning system, the philosophical model of “brothers in Christ” became one of the reasons for the supranational society.

    Philosophy is useful even if it gives us the opportunity to communicate in this format. At first, philosophers assumed that information could be transmitted over long distances. Then scientists put this into practice, and businessmen and creative people created many different services based on this philosophical and technological basis. TQ is one of them.

  6. Philosophy is a fitness for the brain) For some reason, it is believed that the ability to reflect, comprehend, draw correct conclusions is inherent in a person from birth, that this cannot and does not need to be learned. We learn to read, count, and drive, but not everyone learns to think and analyze. Philosophy, it seems to me, teaches us to live not just on autopilot, but “with a special meaning”. the world around you ceases to be just an object of your actions or a subject that affects you, unrequited. you enter into a complex subject-subject dialogue relationship with them.

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