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  1. I am inclined to join the arguments of the first responders about lifestyle improvements, but the wording of the original question “recently” raises questions 🙂 An increase in average height and an acceleration in the rate of human development over the past 150 (and by some estimates, 300) years; and not totally across the planet and not for our entire species, but in those regions where industrialization and urbanization have progressed at a rapid pace.

    Answering the question directly: the theory of evolution at the expense of acceleration says that in the best conditions of development, an organism maximally realizes the capabilities of its genotype.

  2. The theory of evolution says that only the strongest survive. In this concept, everything (almost everything matters). Humanity is getting taller because of environmental factors, nutrition, and genetic diversity.

  3. This is primarily due to the improvement of the quality of life. For example, residents of the Netherlands before the Second World War did not differ in height from the Portuguese, but a sharp improvement in the quality of life caused an increase in the growth of the Dutch. This implies the appearance of medicines for many diseases, improving the pitching and quantity of products, reducing the likelihood of injury, and avoiding the need for heavy physical exertion. For example, pygmies, as they were at best 150 cm, remained. The Maasai, as they were under two meters, remained. Both tribes are at the same level of development – hunter-gatherers.

  4. The problem isn't worth a damn.

    All our science is not worth a village fortune-teller.

    Who, pointing to my friend , says to me right away

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    Riddle of the century, too.

    Although in fact, everything depends on the climate in which a person's puberty occurs.

    Why is there a saying about hot Finnish guys ??

    Because that's what it is.

    But then so are our northern lands and Peter gggyyyy and Britain

    More than 300 cloudy days a year.

    Lack of a sense of humor.

    Our mid-latitudes don't shine either. Frigid women through one.

    While most of them lived in their homes, there was still the sun, the river

    somehow it saved me.

    The first accelerations started after the mass construction of slums.

    Well, plus a TV and so on.

    Well, until our computer time, there are practically no healthy people and ripe women left.

    full puberty requires sun and humidity. “That is, the sea and the sun.

    In the first place in terms of maturity are women from Cuba and the Islands.

    On the last – we and all sorts of Swedes with England

    And growth – what is growth ??

    Drish is not an indicator of health or an accelerator

    more like a degenerate.


    And this happens only after puberty

    those who have developed and matured very early have remained low in stature

    and those who do not have enough hormones may well grow over 2 meters

    and your evolution has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  5. We can observe this phenomenon in developed countries. This is due to the improvement of living conditions, the availability of medical care, and the almost complete absence of complex physical activity and work for children and adolescents.

    Also an important factor is proper nutrition. While China, Japan and India practically did not eat meat and dairy products, their height was 150 cm. As soon as these countries switched to better nutrition, the population growth reached the world average.

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