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  1. First, you need to find out the etiology of this headache. If it's not an injury, for you, it's likely to be either high blood pressure or ischemia, for example, when you sit for a long time in a stuffy room with a bunch of people, it happens, right? So, if the case is in a stuffy room,then this does not threaten you. If you have headaches when your blood pressure rises and you do not have hypertension, then this will also not fatally affect you. If you have hypertension, it is better to take the therapy that you were prescribed.

  2. The worst thing is the development of a brain catastrophe in the form of a stroke, or ischemic or hemorrhagic. As a rule, a person does not know exactly the cause of a headache. A complex tablet (analgesic+antispasmodic) will definitely not hurt. I would advise you to pay attention to the old and long-proven drug andipal, a universal remedy for headaches of various origins and intestinal colic.

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