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  1. You will not believe it, but it is “utopian”. “Utopian socialism” is such a detached dream of a good life. That's how great it would be if we all lived in peaceful labor. Marxism is a method of achieving a ” life of peaceful labor.” Here only the goal (communism) is utopian, but not the method. Marx explained how to complete the first steps. Here, you ask, for example, how to get from Moscow to the Crimea. You are answered: via Tula, Orel and Kursk, and then you will find it yourself, ask someone there. This is roughly the answer given by Marx. “Utopian socialism” did not involve reliance on the working class. Marx, on the other hand, bluntly wrote that the “oppressed workers” would make a revolution. However, according to Marx, they were supposed to perform it not in Russia at all, but in countries with a more developed economy. But these are details. Simply put, “Utopian Socialism” described a mythical goal, while Marxism proposed a method for achieving it, and renamed the mythical goal communism.�

    Something like that.

    • Utopian socialism is based on the idea that it is possible to change a person, that is, a person will become honest, kind, non-envious, hardworking, unselfish, and so on.

    • Real communism (socialism) is based on the fact that a person is formed by the environment, it is necessary to create conditions in which, for example, it makes no sense to steal, since what is stolen cannot be used to enrich oneself, improve one's standard of living.

    A person will always be influenced by basic instincts, the instinct of self-preservation, the instinct of reproduction and the instinct of dominance.

    The question is in what conditions they will be implemented

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