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  1. I always wonder how and what path people take in their lives, to God or from him. And no two paths are the same. The most beautiful story of recent times is a True detective, the first season. What began as a song to nihilism ended with a beautiful and beautiful chord of Love. Recommend.

  2. I can't call myself an atheist. Just over time, the very concept of “faith” has changed a little. But Orthodoxy itself is alien to me, and alien for many reasons. First of all, I cannot accept the very concept of “servant of God”. A believer should never be a slave to his own faith.

    The second aspect is the most painful, as it concerns money; I am more than sure that the church used to exist on voluntary donations and contributions. But what we are seeing now… in general, over time, our religion has changed a lot and most likely it now breathes in unison with the state. And this is more like a form of business

  3. My parents are atheists, and the rest of my family are fanatics. So, my grandmother and aunt, from childhood to the age of 16, treated me like a tomato in the garden. I was read the Bible, forced to pray, etc. My parents did not touch me and put me in the hands of these fanatics, because they knew that I would resist. And so it happened. But I'm not so much an atheist as I just became indifferent. There is no point in religion, it has long been a business.

  4. Tell me one person who believes in Zeus or Thor today. It's the same with the Torah / Bible/Koran – the same fairy tales, only in profile. But for some reason, millions and billions believe in them.

    I can't imagine a rational person infected with religion, I'm sorry.

  5. It pains me to admit it, but I wasn't an atheist until my 2nd year of university. And I came to this surprisingly simply and easily-I moved out of my parents ' house. I can't call myself a former Christian or Orthodox: I didn't read the Bible, I didn't go to church. I was just baptized, sometimes I thought about some kind of “God” and that there was no need to “sin”, at Easter we bought a cake, but we never consecrated it. I also watched near-scientific programs with investigations about aliens, the Kyshtym dwarf, Wang, messing and the like on federal and other channels together with my parents. For my parents, this hybrid of Orthodox faith in a convenient god and faith in mystical phenomena, as I understand it, was born due to insufficient education and really poor living conditions and difficult situations that arose in their lifetime. It was necessary so as not to break. I have the same environment at home and at school (about school propaganda and imposing a separate sad conversation). As this environment disappeared, the dust settled and the illusions disappeared.

  6. After reading the Bible, you can understand that it is all built on lies and inconsistencies. It is worth noting that the big Bang model and Charles Darwin's theory also have flaws, but they are still more logical and plausible.

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