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  1. The very ideas of “capitalism” and “socialism” are myths, and they are used only to fool people.

    Socialism is when society is supposedly the owner. But since society does not and cannot have its own will, since it is a fictitious subject, the very idea of socialism is a myth.

    Capitalism is when some people have the opportunity to receive unearned income at the expense of their already existing (seized, inherited) property – to give it for temporary use for a fee.

    Let's immediately note that this is the essence of capitalism, and not in the free market and private property, as for some reason it has become customary to say. The free market and private property were, for example, in the medieval Muslim East, but capitalism was forbidden there in all forms (Islam prohibits both usury and rent).

    All anti-capitalist sentiment is a protest against the rentiers, who supposedly can profit from working people without working themselves.

    But can we say that the investor does not work, and the investment activity is not labor? Here, at least, there is a risk and its assessment, and in practice there is a lot more.

    The difference between an investor and a rentier is purely rhetorical – the same as between “socialism “and corporate”capitalism.” A rentier is a negligent investor who also does not proclaim an interest in the success of the person to whom he lent his property in the form of things or money. Being in a competitive environment, where there are diligent investors who care about their property and its fate, are friendly to debtors, and so on, rentiers are sooner or later brought out as a class.

    Nevertheless, people continue to talk about capitalism as a parasitic system. It is obvious that in this way they are trying to protect and hide the true parasites from criticism. Think for yourself: if government officials did not protect the property of fictitious individuals (legal entities, primarily corporations, both private and public) through their subordinate armed forces, would their current corporate and state managers receive the same income as they do now? Would there be a fool who would hire them on the same terms in his own personal enterprise? Here is the answer, who will do everything possible to preserve this fraudulent system. And who will use any distractions and put anyone in their place.

    The life of the vast majority of bureaucrats, who have declared themselves the spokesmen and agents of the will of some collectives, is an imitation of labor. Moreover, it is an imitation that also suppresses other, true labor, not only destroying its results, but also exposing it to all possible restrictions and obstacles-allegedly in the interests of shareholders, society, the people, and so on.

    For more publications on this topic, see the “Economic Personalism” FB community.

  2. The point of the app. Socialist myths say that everyone should work and everyone will have everything. Capitalist myths say that you have to work and you will have everything, and if you work harder, you will have even more. There is also a myth of brotherhood and community in socialism. Its antagonist from capitalism is the myth of freedom and equality.

  3. Capitalist myths are like a collection of motivational lectures. Be active, bold, resourceful, hardworking, and so on — and you will have everything. Assuming a perfect market, of course.

    Socialist myths look like religious dogma. There is a great and terrible capital, which in the course of the Revolution — almost like Ragnarok — will end and all good people, that is, workers, will be happy. Everyone will work together, watch art-house movies and fly into space on public vimanas, and for free.

    The ideologues of unlimited capitalism are silent about the fact that the majority in such a society will plow 18 hours a day for food. The ideologues of socialism do not describe how to make all people become ascetics or how to take into account all their needs with the help of a plan, including the desire of someone to have a dildo made of a whole ruby or a purse made of sperm whale foreskin. Well, about the need for terror and a totalitarian regime, they are not very willing to talk.

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