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  1. At first glance, the question looks kind of interesting, but I've been reading it for the sixth time and can't understand anything
    What is the essence of the question? In my opinion, in the second part you are a little confused

  2. Interesting question. To answer this question, use the random text generator.

    Fashion passes, Morale remains unchanged. Parliamentarians do not stop trying to legislate Morale humanity changes and activities Morale humanity changes. And really, what are these liberties? However, the deputies were too shy to explain what Morality and changes are. Ban morals from changing? The next step is probably to ban everything that can satisfy your hunger. Once I was sitting in a bar, feeling exhausted from work and life. For no reason at all, I started drawing the Moral of humanity changes on the back of a business card. No reason was needed. The card was just in my hands, and I drew Morals and changes on it, because it randomly entertained me. Spending the winter in India, and then arriving in Russia, Morale changes as if stretching an air bridge between the two countries. I am 23 years old, weighing 69 kilograms. When I run, I reach a speed of 22 km/h. It doesn't get any faster. If you give me a Moral about the changes, will I run faster? Democracy has become a cover for the undivided domination of the real force that is Morality and change. It seems that the news published by the media does not always objectively reflect the surrounding reality. They think we only care about Morals and change. Oh, how it happens, comrades! It's a pity that the Moral change doesn't have Bluetooth support. But “Iinenemzi ovtsechevolecharom” – this is the Moral of humanity and vice versa.

    To get a more constructive answer, you can try removing your own version of the answer from the question, focusing the question on one topic, and making the wording specific, rather than vague.

    For example, ” What moral guidelines have remained in the modern world, in the face of constant changes?”.

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