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  1. I would like to write that optimism is the ability to choose a less stressful point of view (there can be no one point of view on any thing), or that it is a lack of awareness, or that it is the ability to turn on “healthy indifference” at the right moment. It's so easy! I have, for example, it turns out:)

    Let optimists and pessimists-this is a very philistine view of things, surely we will be branded here by psychologists. But look sensibly, are you ready for such non-obvious things as unfulfilled hopes? If you are an optimist, there will be a lot of them. And at the funeral of a close friend, think, ” well, I'll see you in another life, guys, but we're still alive! why be so upset?” (something saved me from saying this at school, but I remember nearly losing my mind during the two weeks the class was grieving for a classmate.)?

    The simplest thing that can be advised is when everyone around you says and thinks “the end”,” nothing can be done”, “let go of yourself”, “I don't want to solve anything, there will be no result anyway”, take and do something to solve problems and correct a negative view of the surrounding reality. Sometimes something will work out. And this is not optimism, but just determination.

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