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  1. As soon as they earn money. For example, they work in universities – this is a normal academic professionalization of philosophy-or in schools. For example, in Brazil, the teaching of philosophy in schools is generally mandatory, and in Ireland, its introduction is now actively discussed. Philosophers write books and make TV shows about philosophy, such as the contemporary German philosopher Richard David Precht, who hosts a show on German television with the talking title “Precht”. And it, by the way, withstood 6 seasons in 2012-2016. Philosophers organize philosophical counseling and conduct trainings and master classes on it, like the French philosopher Oscar Brenifier, known in Russia mainly for books about philosophy for children, who created an entire “Institute of Practical Philosophy”. Philosophers do social work, such as teaching classes in prisons in the United States. Philosophers are engaged in journalism, write author's materials for major publications, as Slava Zizek does, in particular. They work in Silicon Valley andthey conduct training sessions for IT professionals like Andrew Taggart. Finally, philosophers create a theoretical basis for political action and implement it while standing on barricades or working as presidents, such as French President Emmanuel Macron, a professional philosopher and follower of the ideas of Paul Ricoeur. This, of course, is not a complete list, but it roughly shows the range of activities.

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