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  1. A man is a person who was born a man.

    A gentleman is a man who is intelligent, considerate, polite, “trained in manners” and responsible for his words.

  2. Let's start with the definition of terms (Ushakov's Explanatory Dictionary):

    MAN, men, husband. 1. A person who is opposite in gender to a woman. We have four men and two women in our team. A handsome man. 2. A male person who has reached adulthood, physical and spiritual maturity.

    GENTLEMAN [Maine], a gentleman's husband. (English gentleman, lit. nobleman). 1. In England-a polite address to a man. 2. A person who is distinguished by nobility, decency and generosity (in the spirit of bourgeois-aristocratic morality).

    Initially (in the 19th century) in Great Britain, gentlemen were called men of noble origin, but later this term began to denote any educated and well-mannered man who is distinguished by impeccable manners and gallant behavior towards women.

    Accordingly, “every gentleman is a man, but not every man is a gentleman.”

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