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  1. Anarchists do not have a unified attitude to prostitution, just as it is difficult to speak of a unified anarchism, since anarchism consists of many trends that agree with each other, mainly in the fact that the state is not a necessary form of organization of social life.

    For example, for representatives (or rather representatives) of anarcho-feminism, the solution to the question posed will be more feminist than anarchist. However, followers of feminism, even outside the context of anarchism, cannot agree on how to treat prostitution: some feminists see it as exploitation and objectification of women, while others, for example, are a natural consequence of the inherent right of women to dispose of their own bodies.

    Even from this point of view, one can imagine how different the positions on this issue will be among other anarchists. For some anarcho-communists, for example, prostitution is unacceptable, since “the concept of a woman 'deciding' to sell sexual services is built in the context of neo-liberalism and free market thinking; the same school of thought that asserts that an employee has a real 'choice'”, see: From this point of view, prostitution must be eliminated, as well as any wage labor in the modern sense of the word, i.e., it must be eliminated.k. it is a form of exploitation. Other anarcho-communists, although they consider prostitution impossible in an ideal society (if only because under communism there will be no monetary relations, so it would be strange to talk about prostitution in the modern sense of the word in an ideal anarcho-communist society), call for the legalization of prostitution here and now, arguing that this will lead to the creation of trade unions and make it possible for sex workers Thus, they see the legalization of prostitution as a “tactical victory” for anarcho-communism.

    The most radical currents of anarcho-capitalism, in particular agorism, consider illegal prostitution as part of the” counter-economy “along with, for example, offshore companies, and advocate illegal prostitution because they consider it, as part of the” counter-economy”, a force that undermines the economic power and authority of the state.

    In short, both attitudes to prostitution and the arguments for and against it can differ widely between and within anarchist movements. So the attitude to prostitution among anarchists remains a traditional topic of debate.

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