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  1. Freedom of speech is another guarantee that our rights will not be infringed. That the next dictator does not usurp power. That corruption will be fought not only in words. That no one is going to jail for nothing. That no law will be passed that runs counter to existing laws. That there won't be another triplet trial.�

    Take Israel, for example. This is not an ideal freedom of speech, there is still much to strive for. However, a few years ago they discovered the fact of a bribe from the current Prime Minister. Journalists seized on this incident, and it was reported all over the media. In the end, Ehud Olmert went to prison.�

    On the other hand, Russia. Even those corrupt officials whose cases went to court were quietly hushed up. People were released and continue to live on the stolen money. And then there are other corrupt officials. They have been in prison for several years without trial. And no one remembers them, no one talks about them. But the arrest, the search, and photos of bundles of money in shoeboxes spread all over Russian TV channels.�

    The only ones who are trying to destroy freedom of speech are those who break the law. And it always goes from top to bottom: from the top of the political pyramid to the very bottom, when swastikas are painted on the doors of journalists, tires are punctured and beaten.�

    In a democratic society, politicians and journalists live in a very interesting symbiosis. Politicians use newspapers to see the mood of society, find out what problems really exist. Journalists, on the other hand, get a lot of really interesting information that makes them more popular and stronger.

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