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  1. What means:comfortable living? Eat,shit under yourself and nothing for it will not be? Humanity as a biological species has not had a legal right to exist for 10 thousand years. Its niche is 7 million individuals. By exceeding this limit by a thousand times, it violated the laws of nature, hence wars, existentialism, allahakbar, and other perversions. The only justification is that this period (10000years) is a moment, and this is a temporary assumption of nature so that “we (humans) can realize” the phenomenon of intelligence: nature's attempt to make sense of itself, and – Naturally, “continue the expansion of the species in space: populate “space and rid the Earth” of ” an overabundance of population.This is what is supposed to happen in the next 200 years,and it is in the program of the human personality: already millions of people “would agree” to populate Mars ( I am one of them).If it (expansion) does not happen, then we will die here” from gluttony, ” crowding, garbage and lack of purpose.

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